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Excellent Product

I made a some research about this product and other comparable product in the market. There are pros and cons on the reviews I’ve read but this soundstream VRN 65HB makes worth on your money. It has all the features you need like GPS, Bluetooth with built in mic, DVD, backup camera ready, SWC. The only negative on this item is that I am an iPhone user and it is not compatible with IPhone but still can do wireless streaming and calling. Why spend more when you can get it for less and enjoy the same features you desired.
On the other hand, Installation wise it was so easy. Thanks to Sonic Electronix for the guide on what are the items needed for your car. In Fact I have recommended the Sonic Electronix and soundsteam to my friends and family already.

By Anonymous on August 1, 2018


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Soundstream VRN-65HB

Not a bad radio for the money i would recommend this unit. Cons are the phone link doesn't work period with my S8+ which is a bummer(ive seen quite a few people complain about it)i dislike the volume mute feature when the reverse cam is activated but i can deal with it other than that i say give it a try

By Anonymous on July 7, 2018


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Soundstream VRN-65HB

Very nice Radio. All functions are easy to use except for the Phone Link (for me). I have a Galaxy J7 and can not get it too work. I was really looking forward too using that Phone Link function. Other than that this is a very nice unit. I would defiantly buy again.

By Anonymous on June 21, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Soundstream VRN-65HB good bang for the buck.

Install was very easy. Setup of the GPS only took seconds to calibrate. Bluetooth is okay-ish, I have to speak a little louder than in my other cars that came Bluetooth equipped. I installed this into my c6 Corvette. The only negatives I could say so far is that its not doing the fast charging for my Samsung Galaxy S6. Maybe my error but its not doing it. I probably would opt for the version of this with the button/dial for the sound instead if I bought again. Less having to lose focus on the road to adjust. Also not sure how to get the android screen share thing to work yet. Added front and rear cameras. Wish sound didn't cut off when the cameras activate. Sound is better than factory and reception was fine on mine. Would recommend

By Turo_Vette on April 24, 2017


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I was excited to hook up this new double din stereo with gps after I had seen it on YouTube. I really like the fast touch screen and visual quality. It is perfect for my budget and looks amazing in my car. I'm a bit unsatisfied with the radio reception it doesn't get good signal even though it's connected correctly. Another thing I don't like is the remote. It feels kinda cheep.

By Manuel on September 5, 2016


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Not bad for under $200.00

Having everything in this cheap double din. GPS, DVD, Bluetooth and phone mirror link. I like the fact that this stereo also give me good sound and does not take too long to boot. However, first I did have a hard time to connect phone mirror link and GPS. Which I have to download it from computer. After I gave it thumbs Up..

By Peter on April 10, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great price

I haven’t received the dashboard kit and harness yet but the unit looks good. The price is great.

By Drew on June 12, 2020


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