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Very nice Product

First impressions of this product are very good. Nice quality feel, its pretty thick, the aluminum backing is very nice and durable, didn't have any tearing problems when rolling it on - even on tight bends. Stuck on very well, I won't have any worries of it coming off. It has a light smell to it but not completely odorless, I'm waiting for that first 100 degree summer day to really put that aspect to the test. After having it installed for a week or so the smell has completely gone away. I bought this to do the doors of my tacoma access cab. I did a little on each outer skins and then used what i had left on the inner panels. It did not cover everything like i was hoping got about 70% coverage. But it definitely made a HUGE difference regardless. Would definitely recommend. equal in quality to the most popular brands (which I have owned and used a couple of them). You don't have to be installing an earth shaking system to benefit from this either, in my opinion the reduction of road noise alone is worth it.

By tacobender on April 17, 2011


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Great noise reduction

While installing some new speakers in my wife's car, my teenagers helped to install this noise dampening product in the doors behind the speakers. It was amazing how much better the audio system sounded, but it was also incredible how much road noise this cut out.

By Craig on June 16, 2013


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Works better than intended

Used with with the 36 square foot kit to get my truck done, and it makes a big difference in sound, road noise and sound clarity, if your wanting more bass without having to upgrade your system you will want this.

By Jay on March 7, 2012


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Good value

This is some quality deadener and for a cheaper price. It's as good if not better than Dynamat and a lot cheaper. Very easy to work with especially with a roller and a heat gun. It's not good as Second Skin deadener but it does the job and is east to apply (to a clean surface). Only complaint is does make a mess of your hands while installing it so get ready to scrub your hands after using it.

By John on June 9, 2013


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Worth every pennie

Compared to dynamat its better in my oponion. Looks identical but for some reason i had better luck with the roadkill. Now when i close my doors there solid as a rock.

By Pedro on August 15, 2012


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i happen to like it more then the other leading competitors....
i have about 110 sqft lol... love it
its incredible how much it helps though

By james on February 11, 2013


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Awesome dampener

Easy to install and makes a world of difference inside your vehicle with no road noise and the better frequency your highs/mids produce

By Josh on February 2, 2015


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excellent item

Was excellent all around. Sound of my car is exactly what I wanted. Thank u.

By js on March 30, 2015


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Excellent product

Great product really kills road noise and makes the vehicle much quieter.

By Tammy on October 8, 2017


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