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Great for multi amps

Good clean wire lays flat no noise. Marking at ends of wires for front /rear and subs !!!

By shane on May 31, 2013


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Stinger SI4612 6 Channel RCA Connectors

This works perfectly for my application (6 Channel boat stereo and 6 Channel Amp), also looks great.

By Mirage 217 on September 10, 2012


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nice and flat

Made routing a breeze with it's flat design. Marking was great too. All in all a nice item.

By Clarence on December 16, 2013


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Not bad..

These are a solid RCA choice with nice ends and a tight twisted pair. Although it looks cool, the flat nature of these makes them difficult to run throughout the vehicle. Hard to cable tie and not twist as your running it. I think a round package would be more efficient, however a good choice for RCA cables.

By Medictrode on November 4, 2014


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Easiest 6-Channel Cable to install

Most multi-channel cables are so bulky that they are difficult to route between the head unit and remote EQs/amps. This is the 3rd set of Stinger multi-channel cables that I've purchased and they always perform flawlessly.

By LARRY MCINERNEY on July 1, 2014


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Great RCA's

I'm using these RCA's to go from my Audiocontrol LC6i under my passenger seat to my Polk Audio PAD5000.5 5 channel amp under the driver's seat. They are clearly labeled front, rear, and sub channel, and are flat instead of round in the main section of the wires. I get a clean, noise free signal from the combination and am very happy with them.

By Gary on July 29, 2012


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Works great, easy to hide, all rca patch cables together, looks good no engine noise

By KLM on February 12, 2013


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Great High Quality Interconnect

Used this in my '97 Buick Century to deliver the 6-channel signal from an Alpine CDA-9855 head unit to an Alpine MRD-F752 amp. This install was so simple thanks to this flexible, incredibly flat cable. Love the 'stubby' type molded connectors as it's easier to fish them through tight spaces. No SQ issues that I can hear or see on a meter. Go for it!

By Aquila76 on July 22, 2013


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Great value

I like this product cause it was run and done. Are they very best RCA cables out there probably but they sound good to me.

By jeff on October 14, 2014


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Stinger S14612

Be sure to slightly crimp the ends before installation. I had to pull apart my install and crimp the ends to get a good connection,

By Richard on March 29, 2015


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rca Cable

Great design. Lays flat and is labeled. Quality rca connection.

By jimr on May 19, 2015


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Great value, works well

Portable ribbon style design works great wherever you want to run it, sounds like it rejects noise well, overall great rca set!

By andrew on July 13, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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6 Chan RCA

If you are using a 5-chnl amp this is the way to do it right. Flat ribbon and tough RCA's.

By Pat on November 23, 2015


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recommend product twisted pair design for noise rejection built by stinger which acquired phoenix gold wiring

By Anonymous on August 12, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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i always use these for my installs in all my vehicles. less runs and easy to run. and they are labeled

By Q on May 4, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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These snakes cable i have been using for a long time now, and i have never had any problems they have always made the job a lot easier and a lot less cables running around the place a must have.

By VINCENT on July 13, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Stinger SI4612

To start with , Stinger is a good name brand and i have bought the 6 channel 4000 series for the third time for my stereo system install on my 3 personal vehichle's.It's a no brainer to install one cable instaed of three.. Great sound quality and a decent price.

By Anonymous on June 6, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Stinger SI4612

Great cables at a great price. They are thin and flexible and easy to route. They are like a ribbon cable and clearly labeled at both ends. I put them in my car to replace cables that were allowing a lot of engine noise into the signal. These cables (combined with better routing away from power) stopped the noise. I needed 6 lines.

By Anonymous on May 30, 2018


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Nice set of RCAs

I bought this set of RCAs to hook up my 80prs to my 5 channel amplifier. It comes with 3 sets of RCAs to easily run them back to the amp for a nice clean install. I have used Stinger before and will use them again.

By Kevin on February 22, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good value

I have not yet installed my system. Totally expect this to make my preamp input rin and connections a breeze. Will follow up on review when install is complete!

By Doug on February 12, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

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