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Thumbs up on SPP1200

Bought this to replace my failing OEM battery (400 CCAs). The stock started dying out on me after 3-4 years. Having replaced it with this Stinger, I was again pleased with yet another one of their products.
The SPP1200 was a bit heavy, especially with the metal tray. It's been over 8 months since swapping and the case still looks relatively new. (The sticker on top fell off after a few months.) The car starts/turns over much faster than it ever did with the brand new OEM battery. Also, my volt gauge consistently stays over 14v whereas with the OEM it would drop pretty low.
I'm running a number of accessories - illumination kits, fog lights, a handful of gauges plus two amps at 1400W RMS. Absolutely no dimming or voltage drop.
Only drawback I would say is the binding posts. The fact that they are recessed makes it a bit of a challenge if you have certain types of terminals. They are also fairly narrow so getting a good clamp on it can be a challenge.

By Louis on August 22, 2013


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great battery

Have thus battery in a 06 charger.1400 watts of mb quart power running 4 Infiniti 3 way 6x9s, w7 12, clarion 7 band eq and clarion deck. Mechman 180 amp alternator, full car except roof sound deadner with 3/8 dynapad covering floor.Budget sql system but kicks a**. Battery works better that kinetik 2400 that was in before and its smaller. Great buy!

By Andrew on January 13, 2015


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For the price and warranty you get from stinger there is no reason why not to get there batteries. This battery is very strong and helped a lot with my system.

By Pedro on August 30, 2012


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I have two of these hooked to my set up and its all the power that I need to power my system and keep my lights from dimming.

By Shawn on August 6, 2012


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3000 watts,dual heated seats,air on!

Light dont dim anymore! Used to dim really bad but upgraded the wires to 0 gauge and changed the alt to a 230 amp,with second stinger battery in the back of my truck I've got no issues!

By shaunston on April 7, 2014


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Great Battery

Swapped out my 10 year old optima yellow top for this Stinger. Love the quality and metal battery tray. The value is absolutely incredible. Went with less cold cranking amps because I have a smaller engine.

By Daniel on January 20, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Best Cat Audio battery, hands down!

Couldn't believe how much more power this battery was feeding my amps. I owned a Kinetik before I swapped out for this lil' heavy beast! Bass hits harder and highs are higher than ever. I recomend this battery for anyone needing big power in tight spaces. Best upgrade or add-on you can do.

By Esco on July 31, 2012


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Great price

The battery is very powerful and great for my system

By Anonymous on July 13, 2019


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