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Tony solis

San Antonio Texas

Verified Purchase
Great value on point real copper great insulation

December 20, 2020

This kit is great and overall quality. is top notch as the kit says for up too 250 amps or 2400 watts. yes the wire is a bit small than most kits but it's pure copper.and if you need more amprege pay the extra and get the 300 amp kit for 4000 watt as far as the kit is complete for the install . no speaker wire include so you need this price you can't beat it. fuse is of good quality rca are not bad.people need to stop bashing on quality kits just because they can't read its on the package 2400 watts not 4000 watts plus the wire looks a bit smaller becuz it's more tightly wound . Than most as per it's flexibility know from stinger wire.

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