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Basic amp power wiring kit, but great value!

I'd recommend this kit to anybody looking for a basic wiring kit for a car amplifier. Plenty of wire length, a nice ANL fuseholder and ANL fuse provided, as well as terminations and wire sleeves.

Highly recommend!

By John on June 9, 2014


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Good for the price

***I reviewed the wrong product this is the right one*** I used this kit in my girlfriends 00 honda civic coupe. Came with just enough to get the job done. Had everything I needed and I say that because I already had the RCA cables from the last powered sub that she had but increased the gauge from 10 to 8. I just so happened to have Kicker 8 gauge wire on hand from another project of mine and when I compared the two. The Kicker was true to size. The Streetwire wire has more plastic shielding than it does wire. If you have the money spend a little bit more, if you're on a budget and are powering under 200 watts you should be fine. I use Kicker amp kits usually but since this was a gift for her I can see the difference in quality. I would recommend this for a person on a budget only.

By Salvatore on January 17, 2015


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Good kit

I bought this amp kit for my kenwood 2404s amp that I bought from Sonic. Works perfect and no complaints!

By daniel on July 23, 2011


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Good kit

I have used this kit with a kenwood amp. Couldn't be much better. Fit just like glove.

By El Abuelo on September 5, 2011


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Pretty True.

It shipped fast, love sonicelectronix. the gauge was prett close to 8 and the rings already being on made life so much easier haha.

By Anthony on January 17, 2011


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partial wiring kit it should be called

Figured it's time to add onto my system so I bought an amp, sub, box and needed a wiring kit. After wrapping my head around specs for the other components I almost click pay until I remembered I needed a wiring kit for this as well. Few minutes of searching I added this to my cart without even thinking twice because of the price. Well I qickly found out during my install that the price was so cheap because this kit was missing rca cords. You have got to be kidding me that they call this an amplifier wiring kit but does not come with rca cords! 4 hours into the install I had to jump in the wifes yuppy truck and buy rca's from Walmart of all places which broght the total price right up there with the more expensive kits anyway. All other parts are perfect for the install and well worth the price so don't hesitate to get this so called kit but just know it is missing a key component.

By Chris on September 14, 2014


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No complaints

Can't say much. The product works and was on the low end of the price list. Didn't blow my mind away, but it didn't disappoint me either.

By Erik on October 14, 2013


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Just what I needed

I ordered this to run all new wiring for the new component speakers in my car(350z) it was just enough to get the job done. I ran extra length of wire just to make hooking things up easier. It was true 14 gauge wire and is pretty durable. I have only two complaints but don't let that sway you away. The wire was pretty stiff to move around in tight areas, plus the positive(+) along the wire needs to stand out more. I was doing this in my garage and it is well lit but unless you have a portable light right by you it's hard to tell. I know kicker uses two different colors along with different shape shielding for +/-. Other than that the product works great and would recommend it to someone else.

By Salvatore on January 7, 2015


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Good value-ish

It had everything it said it had but what I found out was missing that I ended up needing was some rca cables, definitely buying a kit with those included next time.

By Tyler on August 28, 2011


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