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Waukesha, Wi

good product

February 15, 2015

The product has the looks and feel of quality. My interest is the twisted pair as this feature has been used for years with PLC (programmable logic controllers) for machine control in industry as shielded twisted pair often refered to as the Blue hose because of its blue colored jacket. This was used because of its superior noise rejection.
The T-Spec V8RCA-202 indicates that the wires for each Channel are twisted and I am assuming that each twisted pair is then shielded and then encased in a jacket. It would be nice if the vendor would confirm that the tweisdted pair is in fact shielded and then if the shield is simply wound or braded.
The connectors are great as I like that they are not bulky and heavy as bulky, heavy connectors place stress on the equipment connection.

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