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Perfect fit!

Keeps the water off my speakers, easy to install in my truck

By Roy on October 10, 2014


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Kicker 5.25

I installed these in the doors of my Dodge Neon. They have a reputation for horrible weather stripping and leaking. Before these my speakers would short out when it rained. I wish I would have bought it sooner. Buy now and protect your speakers. Its better than buying a new set. As far as sound goes, there is a little bit of a difference I suppose. Nothing to noticeable though.

By Andrew on February 3, 2014


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Do the job

I had to cut the baffles to fit in my door panel but work just the same.

By Justin on January 29, 2015


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Beware, may not be right for you

The intention was to protect my midbass from water and the product would do that well. But it killed the bass response, like if mthe speaker was chocked and no air to move. End up cutting the bottom part for ventilation and leaving the top to protect water coming down from the window.

By S. on June 4, 2014


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Protecting your speakers!

The install bay are of great value especially for the door speakers that ta kes a bit moisture, dust, rust and dirt. Protects the membrane and the magnet of the speakers. Comes in different depths. Make sure to measure correctly.

By OweN on December 22, 2013


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Does what it's intended to do.

Provides a good shield from door mounting locations, helps with vibrations and is flexible and easy to work with. For the $$ you cannot go wrong.

By Patrick on December 31, 2012


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Great Product

I was upgrading the tunes in my old Chevy pickup, and had bought four great JVC speakers. Two were mounted in the doors, and I needed to make housings for the other two to sit in the back lower corners in the cab. Having added speakers to an old truck's doors before, I anticipated a tinny, hollow sound. I bought these baffles to eliminate that tinny sound if I had just mounted the speakers alone, plus, old trucks tend to leak, so these baffles would also keep the speakers dry if rain seeped in. Right off, the decision was a good one, as the speakers sound like speakers should. And, we've had quite a few gully-washer rains, and the speakers stayed dry. For the small cost of these baffles, they are a great investment!

By The Old Viking on June 13, 2012


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keeps dirt out.

they work to keep dirt and water out, add some fiberglass matte and resin to stiffen them up, the more sealed the better your door speaker sounds.

By Josh on September 16, 2014


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Good quality just wouldn't work on my application

They look like they would work great in many applications just not mine. They are very thick and it would leave a ugly foam gap between the speaker and the fiberglass of my boat

By Ryan on September 17, 2013


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Great product easy to use! Best value for the money!!

By Fran on February 20, 2014


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good value

What can I say about foam? There was a lot of it and it worked well for my application.

By David on February 14, 2014


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Probably don't really need these

They are nice if you're worried about water getting in your door and onto your speakers, but don't expect them to do anything for your sound quality. They can buzz loudly if your speakers make any bass.

By David on October 16, 2011


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Great product!

Very usefull, and improves the sound.
I recommend to everybody that wants to improve the bass response of the speakers.

By Hélio on March 11, 2014


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The Install Bay VXT55

The Install Bay did soften the sound quality. I would strongly recommend. Received them in good shape.

By Anonymous on June 15, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good product

Good product a big diference I really recommend it, store and shipping was great

By Anonymous on August 11, 2018


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