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awesome baffles

Installed with some pioneer 6.5's greatly improved sound and water protection would buy again

By Russell on July 9, 2014


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great product

Fit like a glove this helped from my woofers blowing my speakers from the pressure

By Jacob on October 29, 2013


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Well worth the money

Installed these with my front door component system and improved the sound dramatically. Good quality product - exactly the right amount of material.

By ACLJavi on July 23, 2014


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I bought them and installed them with some 6-1/2" kicker comps. I wanted to see if they would be more responsive/clear, instead made them sound like dung! They made them distort like crazy when turned up. I was thinking maybe they needed to be bigger. I would think they would work with regular speakers.

By CHUBBY on August 6, 2012


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does the job

May have to trim to fit. Keeps sound where you need it.

By charlie on June 13, 2012


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amazing product

I ordered these at the advice of a friend who installs car speakers professionally. As i was installing one by one i was checking the sound difference and the door rattle as i have a '07 Impreza 2.5i with thin doors and it completely took away the door rattle. You can feel every note through the doors, amplified the sound and made it less muddy, clear and crisp. Absolutely wonderful product. Amazing.

By subaru mike on March 21, 2012


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Good water stoppers

I have an 04 Colorado, they have leaky door window seals. Lost a driver to my MM6501's because of water, got these, cut the bottom half off so the drivers could breath and stay dry.

By Damon on October 20, 2011


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Caused distortion.

I installed these with my Kicker KS60s in the rear deck of my Saturn S-Series. I was hoping to protect the speakers from sound pressure from the ported W7 in the trunk. Not only did the baffles flex right along with the KS60s, the foam acted as a speaker itself and made all types of racket. I then moved them to the front doors to hopefully protect my Morel Tempo 6s from moisture. I cut the bottom half of the baffles to cream an infinite baffle, but the foam baffles still rattled. I'm sorry I would not recommend these baffles if outside vibrations and distortion throw your grooves out the window.

By The SLYentist on August 7, 2012


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Worked as described

Water would always leak through the window down into the door and it messed up my stock speakera. So I ordered these along with some Selenium 6s. The magnet was very fat on those midbass speakers so I did have a hard time fitting the magnet in there, but other than that, it kept my speakers dry. Took them out the other day to make a wall and they looked good as new.

By Kamaran on June 17, 2011


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Nice product

Exactly what I needed. Good fit, not too thick, not too thin/cheap. Great added protection from water, I actually cut the bottoms off mine and only used the top 2/3.

By Bender on September 22, 2012


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They seem cool

Seem cool. Didnt see a life altering difference though...Ok

By BrnBmbr on April 13, 2012


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Really good product!

Great product, keeps my speakers nice and dry, no noticeable difference in sound quality. high quality thick foam. no cons to this product. I highly recommend this product

By S on January 12, 2015


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Awesome Product

Made very well and thick sponge like foam keeps the speakers dry from the outside elements.

By Daryl on June 20, 2012


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Works Great!!!

I have had these about 6 months and used these on 6.5" speakers in my kickpanels. I didn't want water and debris getting on them as well the road noise interfering with the sound. Which on my truck was a concern. They work great! I had to take out the speakers to do some other work and the speakers are like new. The outside of the baffle looked like I left them in the bed of the truck all winter, so they work.

By Blake on June 5, 2012


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worth it!

These worked out great for the pioneers in my sierra. The door panels are cheaply made and don't seal off the speakers well but these baffles get the job done. If u r looking for an increase in Midbass for lower powered speakers than its worth the couple of bucks for these.

By threewheela on May 17, 2011


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I bought these with a degree of skepticism. They are worth every penny.

By Neave on February 24, 2010


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Best Deal

Great Product, awsome quatily do not hesitate to buy it,

By Juanny on May 9, 2015


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Good product!

Good product for keeping dust, dirt, debris out of your speakers. The difference in sound is noticeable, but dont buy these just for that specific reson, if you are that in-depth you better have top quality evrrything..wire..dynamat etc.Plyable so you can work with it and do small mods if needed. Good even in e treme temps. One thing I would watch for is if you are using these in your doors, make sure you have enough depth so your window doesn't roll down into them, use a spacer or create your own idea! That's why we do this!

By Jason on March 16, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Just great

The thickness of these baffles makes an airtight seal amd blocks out moisture. A great buy for the cost.

By Big Lou on March 30, 2018


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Gets the job done

I used these speaker baffles behind a pair of MTX coaxes, and they tightened up the midbass a good bit. Definitely worth the money!

By Puresound1 on October 27, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Awesome Product!

Great product to use to seal off speakers from the elements and to tighten midbass. Also great to use to seal between mounting flange and baffle.

By Ian on May 1, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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