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Texas Element

Roanoke, TX

Front Sensors Activate Constrantly

March 16, 2015

The rear sensors activate with the back-up lights as designed, and work well. However, the front sensors are activated by the brakes, even while driving at highway speeds. When activated, the device beeps for a 10 second period even if there are no objects present within the range of the sensors. When I asked the manufacturer how to reduce or eliminate this, they responded (no kidding) that I should either ignore the beeping or turn the speaker off. I've come to the conclusion that connecting the front sensors to the brake lights is a bad design decision. I will remove the front sensors from the control module to silence the device, redering them useless. BTW, I am very familiar with autos and it took me a full 8 hours to install.

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Blanquito's customs

Cocoa fl

Great product and price

November 18, 2016

Easy install works great have had no issues with this system.

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