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My Valentine Radar Detector

I as I was in the market for a reliable radar detector I went on line and picked three of the top radar detector recommended in the $500 range. I researched and read everything I could find on the three and deced on the Valentine 1. The others were ok but what I liked about the V1 was how simple it is to operate. One knob to turn it off or on and lower the volume and It detects to the front, back and sides of my vehicle I installed and connected it directly into my overhead dome light panel with the direct wire adaptor that came with the V1. I also purchased the V1 Bluetooth which I installed in a couple of minutes and can now operate my V1 through my iPhone which is great if I don't want the detector lights to be visible to other traffic. The entire installation took less than an hour. A friend of mine also has the V1 in his vehicle and is very happy with his. I'm very satisfied with my V1 and recommend it to anyone interest in buying a radar detector.

By Ossain on July 7, 2014


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It is exilant and I use it here in my country

By Mohammed shan on June 29, 2011


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Valentine One

The Valentine One is the best radar detector I have owned. In fact I just purchased an additional one for my wife. I was a Peace Officer for thirty years and am verr familiar with radar and how it works. I am no longer getting tickets in photo radars at 8 miles over the speed limit in a fishing ( Revenue ) zone.

By Mel on July 30, 2013


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I would recommend this product if you want to stop the money grab that the goverment and the cops dish out in a pretence of road safety.

By MICK on January 30, 2012


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It has saved me from about 1,500$ worth of speeding tickets. I have talked to many people that do rallies like gumball 3000 and bullrun. They all said get the V1 compared to the escort. The escort 9500xi is a good product too, but you're pretty much spending the same amount for a v1. The escort has gps for up-to-date speed cam spots and traffic intersection cameras. Why do you need to know that info? It's pointless. I would want to know where the CHP is, not red light cameras.

The V1 tells you where the cops are and how many there are, by using the arrows. The escort is pretty much like any other radar, it just beeps KA or k or X or Laser. You have no idea where it is coming from so buying an escort is pretty much pointless.

My first radar detector was a P.O.S. cobra radar detector that would beep at anything and not beep when a CHP was using KA radar right in front of me...

The V1 has saved me from Laser and KA radars many amount of times. It is worth every penny!!!!

The V1 payed off when i was speeding (115mph +) and it caught a KA radar at least 2 miles ahead of me. I had enough time to slow down and as well not get a ticket.


By on November 24, 2011


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Valentine One

Best best best Radar detector ever and you can update it online!!! I have been saved so many times. Makes driving my Vette so much more fun. I know now when I can get into the gas pedal or when I need to get into the brakes.

By Jd on March 19, 2012


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Works Great

I made a two month road trip and covered 6500 miles using the valentine one unit. I am not one for speeding, but do like to know what is going on with the public traffic system while I am using it. The unit worked great and use it very often making trips.

By Andrew on November 7, 2011


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looking forward to more of them tickets that I didn't have to pay :)

In the beginning I was skeptical about paying over 400 bucks for this system, but when I looked over the internet I found a lot of cheap radar detectors but their performance is not a fraction of this one.

Finally after I give it a considerable amount of thought I decided to get valentine one, now I have it for six months I am very pleased with the performance, it does exactly what it was advertised for.

I mounted mine right underneith the internal rearview mirror, it came with all accessories needed, except the rear view mirror adaptor that I bought separetly from Amazon, I tested it several times before I start using it, let me tell you this thing is awesome, it detects the wives sometimes in more then a thousand feet away, and the intensity raises as you approach to the sourse, and when you reach the source it gives you a paralell light that indicates the source is on you rides, and as you pass it, it gives you a back arrow, so you know exactly in what locations is comming from, since I get this I received only one speeding ticket, and I forget to turn it on that day, and since then, it is always on, it has 360 degrees detection field, and it comes with many accessories. Here's my advice, get this one and you will not be disapointed, it is a bit expensive but trust me you will get all the money back within a year by not paying for the tickets :) beside all this, this machine is very smart, it does not beep to any radio waves, it really distanguish between them and it beeps only when the threat is present, it the beep was ironic, it will give you a deference in tone to tell you "disregard about the last warning."

I am really happy with it, and looking forward to more of them tickets that I didn't have to pay.

By Karim on September 16, 2011


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I'm happy with it

I bought this detector used at a discount because I'd always heard how good they are but wasn't willing to drop $500 on it. I am not disappointed, even though there are units that have a little better Ka band detection (Escort) and more features on the market. If you don't need GPS and other bells and whistles I think this is it. The V1 has helped me avoid tickets a dozen times - in fact the last time was yesterday - in my Corvette C6 (and I don't really go that fast). The state of Oklahoma is a giant revenue zone for speeding tickets so you can't do without a detector here. The mirror mounting kit is overpriced for my car ($129) but otherwise the unit itself is definitely worth the money you pay for it. I'd recommend it.

By ptk61 on January 31, 2015


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The factory sell's them cheaper. What a rip off you are.

By dog on October 20, 2012


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Dependable product!

Works like a champ. Very dependable.

By Rolland on September 16, 2011


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Valentine One

I bought a Valentine One from Sonic 6 months ago, it was worked a treat I couldn't be happier with the product and the service with Sonic. The radar has saved me fines at least 4 or 5 times. I would recommend the Valentine One to anyone who was serious about buying a radar detector.

By Darren on April 13, 2012


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Valentine One - nice

I would recommend this detector for anyone in the market for one. Very accurate and sensitive along with dual direction detection helps locate the source. I would say that this device has saved me from getting several tickets over the years and I just bought one for my daughter. A bit pricey but seems to be a quality piece as my first one still operates and is 7 years old.

By LongHaul on June 3, 2011


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Best there is.

I have had the Valentine One since the mid-90's and have upgraded it three times. On open highway it posts radar two miles away.

By Rob on May 28, 2010


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I'm very pleased with the Valentine One Radar Detector especially its radar directional finder and its warning time that it gives you to slow down to avoid a ticket .

By Wilson on June 24, 2014


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Valentine One - nice

It is excellent and I use in my country.

By Konstantin on August 29, 2011


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I road with someone that had this Valentine and couldn't believe how good it really worked. I bought one and loved how it really does work. It works over hills, round curves and for a very long distances. Theres a radar trailer set up 1 block up and then 8 blokes around the corner and i have to put on mute when I back down my driveway. That means its picking it up over at least 12 houses. I got another one for my work truck. Very well worth every penny. Its gota be the best one on the market.

By Roy on May 22, 2011


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Best of the Best

I have owned many other radar detectors but this beats them all hands down. I should have just bought this one from day 1.

By Redrocket1045 on June 3, 2012


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If you are gonna get a radar dont waste any of your money on them besides this one its ridiculous you will love it it hits them po po s like two miles away

By Dank on December 10, 2009


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Works fantastic

I am in Australia, and have found the Valentine One to work extremely well. On a number of occasions, it gave me warning of police radars over great distances. Left me plenty of time to keep my speed under the limit.

By Rigger on August 6, 2013


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Solid Performance

I have used many different radars in the past years and this is the platinum standard....hands down!

By DOC on November 13, 2010


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smart choice!

The radar detector is worth it! It has saved me 10-15 times already, so if you don't want to get a got a good chance with this radar detector.

By snake on July 27, 2010


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V1 trustable and easy

I bought two pieces of V1 half a year ago. Friend of mine used some other detectors earlier and he was positively surprised about the performance of V1! So sensitive and easy to use. I started to use the device also and came up to the same conclusion. Now I can concentrate more for the ride and enjoy the road!

By Kake on June 15, 2010


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Best Choice & Value!!!

I've had this V1 for X amount of months now, best money I've ever spent for everyday use. Well worth the price. I drive 100 miles a day 80-hwy & 20- city. I recommend this to everyone. You will love this bad boy!! Saves me an average of 25 times from police

By JV on August 23, 2010


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tres satisfait du produit

apres 6 mois d'utilisation je conseil ce produit a qui veut
prendre la route avec tranquilite seleument apres 6 mois j'ai sauvé queques contravention je suis tres satisfait merci valentine one.

By mario on April 25, 2013


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Valentine one

This radar was a gift to me for my birthday and I love it. It's very accurate and there's nothing bad I can say about it. I can say it goes off in front of store doors and all a lot, but I still highly recommend it.
It's saved me from a few tickets for sure.

By Mikey on March 30, 2011


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This is a little cheaper than what I paid for it. I went to another website. I paid over $500 for it :(. Good news is that its saved me more then a few times.... I take it where ever I go. Its paid for it self plenty of times.... you will be glad that you bought it.

By Joe on December 11, 2009


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The Valentine One Radar Detector is the BEST!

I bought the V1 b/c my old piece of crap Cobra radar detector would beep at everything mainly false alarms. i had a chp officer use his Ka radar on me a few feet away from my car and the cobra radar didn't even go off. So I gave that to a friends for free b/c he thought it was cool.

Once i had enough money to buy a V1 ($500), I bought it right away. I asked all my friends that do crazy driving rallies like Gumball 3000, Bullrun rally, Targa trophy, exotic drives. I asked them if i should spend my money on the new Escort 9500ix or the V1. 15 out of 16 ppl told me get the V1.

-The escort has GPS to pin-point traffic camera's, and speed cams, X, K, KA,, Ku and instant-on POP modes, laser.
--wow traffic camera's--> JUST DON'T RUN RED LIGHTS!!

The V1 does almost all of those. it does X, K, Ka, L. and it TELLS YOU WHAT DIRECTION IT IS COMING FROM.
-also false radars you can set the v1 so X and K band (usually false radars) won't go off.

(K band is usually a speed cam)

- ""instead of just beeeeeeping like all the other radar detectors!!!""

A day after getting it in the mail it saved me from a ticket that paid the V1 off. I have never got a speeding ticket, and i speed over 85mph everyday. It saves me every time from tickets. you just always need to keep an eye out and speed when it is save.


By Joey Schiffman on February 29, 2012


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Excellent Price and great customer service

The Valentine One is the BEST radar detector out there. I have had several others and nothing compares to the V1. I really appreciate the arrows telling me where the radar is coming from. No more guessing.

On a side note, Sonic Electronix took care of me. Thier price was a bit higher on thier site than the price on the actual Valentine One website. I mentioned this to them and they did not hesitate to match the price of the manufacturer. This in turn saved me some money because I didnt have to pay the higher shipping rate charged by the manufacturer. Excellent customer service. Will do all of my electronic shopping with SE.

By Detective Victor on September 26, 2011


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