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Great to have

If you plan on doing multiple installs this is great to have. Shops will prolly charge you more to flash a bypass than this will cost you. Also if the flash is wrong youll have to make another trip. These flash the higher bupasses that cover more d2d features helping you save time on install. I recommend these to anyone

By Josh on December 12, 2014


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Easy to use

This works as described, install the software, plug it in, and it works. Couldn't be any easier to use.

By Scott on November 11, 2010


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Good Buy

The XKLOADER2 was a great buy. It is simple to use and came at a great price.

By Corey on December 30, 2013


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Good Investment

Really good tool to have. Just make sure it's a DEI module and not omega or fortin. Only DEI.

By Tarek on August 15, 2013


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must have

If you have to use a bypass module for remote start and or power lock systems and want to use Xpresskit modules then you will need the XKloader2. You'll want this piece to load the lastest or different firmware for the XK modules which you will have to purchase seperate. Easy to use. Cuts down on installation time and wiring.

By JOE on November 30, 2011


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Good product

Nice product. Has come in handy to upgrade modules in the shop.

By Mike on August 1, 2012


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Easy of use!

Its easy to program the modules , just download the VIP HD and you're done! just have download the correct firmware for your car!. Excellent sonicelectronix you did it again!. Thanks!. Others stores carry this items for up to 60 bucks, buy it here!

By Luis Alberto on December 22, 2009


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Great tool

The unit was shipped right away and came exactly as advertised. It is a flexible tool if you plan to either change programming or program future devices for other cars. Programming is super simple and worked first time each time.
It is a good value and I recommend it. Xpresskit is an etremely user friendly group with techs easy to talk to and honest about equipment and limitations. They will usually get you going, even if it takes using outside parts.
Kudos to their customer service that others lack.

By Walt on May 15, 2011


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Be in control

Pro: Allows you to flash your Bypass module at will without having to go to the shop. Saving money and time. Unit is easy to use (provided you have some basic computing skill like getting on the internet). If you have to make a long trip to a shop that can flash your bypass module or pay at least 30 bucks to get it flash, this is well worth it.

Con: Can't think of any.

Overall: Unit does exactly as it was advertise to do. In my case, it is more hassle and more expensive to get the shop to flash my bypass module than to buy this unit and flash it myself. Plus, I flashed my unit more than once already.

By paul on October 19, 2011


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I would recommend this product...does everything it needs to do for a small price...

By undy on July 20, 2011


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I like the ease of use.
I would like to see a GUI where you can program options, such as window roll-up, OEM alarm/disarm beep, etc...

By Tom on May 17, 2010


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EZ Loader 2

This product should be named EZ Loader 2.
First download the XpressVIP3 program and install to computer. Then follow the 1-2-3 steps and bam! The flash is done!
SonicElectronix was awesome, shipped to me in Abu Dhabi, UAE within a week, super fast.!

By Andrew on July 15, 2010


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Not quite perfect

Xkloader is the must have for installing D.E.I (Directed)alarms and alarm accessories on modern cars. Makes the install process much more enjoyable. It's not perfect, but better then most. The price is more then faiir, it pays for itself after the first install.
CONS: requires Internet explorer to connect to site properly, downloading firmware updates is more complicated then needed. However, that's the web site issue more then the programmer itself. Overall a great buy.

By Brian on September 9, 2013


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works well

quick and easy use,pleasure to deal with sonic ,thanks

By fritz on January 11, 2016


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Must Have!

Need this unit to program the DBALL2 unit. Real easy - plug in - down load. Cheap price.

By nicholas on September 22, 2015


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