Get the very best sound from your subwoofers with quality bandpass enclosures! Find a wide selection of name brand sub boxes now.

Bandpass Subwoofer Boxes

Bandpass enclosures get the very best sound from your subwoofers. They are available in 8", 10", 12" and 15" designs.
12" Bandpass Subwoofer Boxes

Top Sellers in Bandpass Subwoofer Boxes

Passive 1200W 12" GT Series 4-Ohm Loaded Ported Bandpass Subwoofer Enclosure with Red LED Illumination

• 1200W Single 12" Bandpass Subwoofer Enclosure
• Bandpass Vented Enclosure
•Black Carpet Finish with Acrylic Window
• Enclosure Dimensions: 15.75" D x 25.59" W x 19.01" H



Bandpass Subwoofer Boxes Information

Bandpass Subwoofer Enclosure Information:

A bandpass subwoofer enclosure includes one sealed and one ported chamber. The waves pass through the ported chamber, producing a especially loud bass response. Though they have great power handling as well as a good low frequency response, a bandpass box should be specifically designed for your subwoofer(s). You can choose from single, dual and triple slot subwoofer enclosures to house your subs. These bandpass boxes feature dense carpeting and fiberboard materials for long-lasting performance.