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Top Sellers in Sennheiser Headphones

Universal Mobile Communication Earbuds Stereo In-Ear Headset with Mic

• Wired In-Ear Earbuds
• CX Series
• Sensitivity: 121dB
• Color: Black



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Genuine Original Sennheiser HD560 Replacement Headphones Ear Cushions/Ear Pads

• Genuine Original Replacement Ear-Pads
• Compatible with HD 560 Headphones
• Material: Velour
• Color: Black



Genuine Original HD598 Replacement Velour Cushions Earpads (1-Pair)

• Original Replacement HD 598 Velour Ear Cushions
• Designed With Soft Cloth Material With a Foam Core
• Oval Shape
• Color: Brown
• Dimensions: 4.5" X 3.4" (115mm X 90mm)



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Genuine Original Replacement Headband Padding for Sennheiser RS 220/HDR 220 Headphones

• Replacement Headband Padding
• For Sennheiser RS220 and HDR 220 Headphones
• Make Your Headphones Feel Like New



Lightweight On-Ear Headset with In-Line Mic / 1-Button Smart Control

• On-ear closed back headset
• Detachable tangle free cable with integrated 1-button smart remote and in-line microphone
• Lightweight and foldable design for portability
• Closed-back design and ergonomic earpads reduce background noise and provide immersive detail
• Great stereo sound quality with bass emphasis

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Replacement Over-Ear Wireless Headphones for the RS 160 Wireless Headphone System

• Wireless Freedom And Stereo Sound With Reception Through Walls And Ceilings Up To 328 Feet
• Neodymium Magnet System For Dynamic Frequency Response



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Over-Ear Closed-Back Audiophile Headphones for Android Devices

• Over-Ear Premium Studio Audiophile Headphones For Android
• Closed Circumaural Headphone Design
• Metal-Constructed Earcup Slider
• Hard Carrying Case
• Tangle-free Cable
• Integrated Smart Remote with in-line Microphone
• Gold-Plated, Corrosion-Resistant Stereo Jack



Original Replacement Premium Ear Cushions (Ear Pads) for Sennheiser PXC 450 Headphones (Pair)

• Replacement Leather Earpads
• For Sennheiser Model PXC 450
• Sold by the Pair
• Material: Leather
• Color: Black



Open Circumaural Over-ear Stereo Headphones

• Open circumaural headphones
• Black & Anthracite Matte Finish
• Powered by Sennheiser proprietary drivers, featuring a 38mm 50 ohm transducer
• Soft, replaceable ear pads for enhanced comfort
• Robust 3m detachable cable and 6.3mm jack



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Genuine Authentic HD650 Complete Headband Replacement with Padding

• Replacement Complete Headband for Sennheiser HD 650
• Includes Headband Padding
• Same Premium Materials as Original
• Packaging Type: Bulk from Sennheiser



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Hi-Fidelity Noise-Isolating Earbuds with Unique Tuning Frequency Adjustments

• Wired In-Ear Headphones
• Special Neodymium Magnets
• IE Series
• Frequency Response: 10-20000 Hz
• Color: Black



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Sennheiser Headphones Information

Sennheiser has become synonymous with fantastic headphones. Founded in 1945 in Germany, the company has been on the forefront of headphone technology and innovation for years while creating some of the finest, most popular headphones on the market.

Whatever style headphones you're looking for, in-ear athletic earbuds, a pair of noise cancelling headphones for travelling or even a top-of-the-line audiophile grade pair for using at home, Sennheiser has a headphone that will blow you away. Sennheiser offers both Bluetooth and traditional wired headphones as well as home wireless headphone systems intended for use with your home entertainment system.

Today, some of Sennheiser's most popular headphones include the Urbanite and Momentum series headphones. Both the Urbanites and Momentums are available in a variety of colors and you can choose between an on-ear and over-ear pair for each series. Each series was designed with both style and practicality in mind while also providing you with that legendary Sennheiser sound.