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Date: Jan. 7 – Jan. 10
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center
Address: 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
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CES Show 2010
International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 Information
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It is the beginning of a New Year and the Sonic Electronix media team headed out to Las Vegas to start this year right; at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show. Each year at CES, the newest and greatest in the electronics industry unveiled. That was no different this year as each booth had something new and exciting to offer. By reading the following, you will be able to experience CES just as Sonic Electronix did and learn some of the things that Sonic did. This year we strived to expand our product knowledge and the product lines that we carry. We traveled all around the Las Vegas Convention Center looking at car audio products, home audio, home video, portable electronics, and computer components/peripherals. This is the 2010 Sonic Electronix CES report!

Some of the brands that participated in the event include JVC, Maxxsonics, Auto Page, Kicker, Cerwin-Vega, DLS, Dual, MTX Audio, Scosche, Sony, and many more! MTX featured the newest products from the ThunderForm series, some new StreetWires products, and the new Terminator party packs and subwoofers. Kicker introduced two new amplifier lines and discussed three subwoofer revamps.

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Kicker Booth:
Kicker is gearing up for a big year with the release of many new products. They have redesigned all of their round subwoofers, as well as introduced more amplifiers, sound processors, and iPod docking stations to their 2010 product lineup. With the success of the Solo-Classic subwoofer, Kicker has designed the new look for the subwoofers around the cone of the Solo Classic. Newly redesigned subwoofers include the CompVX, CompVR, CompVT, and the Comp. The CompVX, or the CVX, is the high-end round equivalent to the famous Kicker L7 square subwoofer. As we talked with Aaron Malin, the product specialist at Kicker, he stress the fact that the CVX is a round L7 and wanted to make sure that each or our customers, readers, and viewers know this. The new CVX’s feature an updated cone and a new design on the top of the large magnet. The next subwoofers that we were shown were the CompVR and the CompVT. These two subwoofers are essentially the same, however with different applications. The CVR is made for full size enclosures, whereas the CVT is designed specifically for shallow mount boxes. The motor structure, materials, and overall performance are basically the same between the two subwoofers. New for 2010, both of these subs received a new cone, updated basket, and cosmetic improvement. Last but not least is the most popular Kicker sub on the market, the Kicker Comp. Because there wasn’t a lot to improve on this subwoofer to make it better, Kicker only updated the looks and cone to a more modern design that matches the rest of the 2010 line of subs. The Comp is the perfectly engineered entry-level subwoofer for great performance.

As we moved from subwoofers to amplifiers, the Sonic Electronix media team was extremely impressed with the brand new IX and DX amplifiers. Both the high-end IX amplifiers and the efficient DX amplifiers feature an incredibly small footprint, which means that the size of the amplifiers is very small. Despite the small size, these amplifiers generate an incredible amount of output designed to power the Kicker subwoofers and speakers. The DX amplifiers are designed with similar cosmetics to the Comp subwoofers and the DS speakers. While they match perfectly with these more “entry-level” components, these amplifiers are anything but entry level. They are quite efficient and true to their power rating. Being true to the rated power handling is something that Kicker prides them on. The IX amps are the premier amps for the consumer. They offer excellent sound adjustment controls, and incredibly efficient engineering, exceptionally cool design, and optional stacking hardware and customizable skins. The ZX amplifiers only received a cosmetic design change this year, but that change allows for the amps to be customized with the decal skins.

Scosche Booth:
The Scosche brand revealed some fabulous new products at the 2010 CES show, including the reviveLITE 2, a charger compatible with all iPod and iPhone models. Scosche also showcased their new Bluetooth speakerphone with caller ID and a new voice call announce feature. They also introduced their first iPod/iPhone app at the show. iLuv, purveyor of accessories for portable media players, released some awesome products. The iMM190 is a speaker with a built-in charging station for charging your iPhone and iTouch. When your device is docked, its screen can display a digital alarm clock as well as updates on the weather and even the stock market. You can also watch movies on your device while it is docked. The iAD115 is dual car charger that can charge two USB devices at once. That means you can simultaneously charge your iPod and your iPhone, or your GPS unit and your iTouch, etc. Pass Laboratories introduced the X260.5 Power Amplifier at CES 2010. This 260-watt monoblock amp features Super-Symmetry technology, which optimizes the amplifier’s output by mirroring each half of the amplifier to essentially eliminate distortion and noise. This amp is one of the premier devices on the market.

ZoomSafer Booth:
This innovative software facilitates safer driving by making it easier to adhere to cell phone while driving legislation. While many cannot resist looking down at their phone while driving to sneak a peek at a new text message or to answer a call, the ZoomSafer helps you avoid relying on will power to resist the urge. ZoomSafer filters your calls and text messages depending on the phone’s GPS signal, data from the car, or nearby cell phone towers. The caller hears a message that informs them that the person they are trying to call is driving.

CLO Booth:
CLO systems revealed the TM1 motorized tilt mount for 26”-37” LCDs and Plasma TVs. This mount includes a remote control for easy adjusting. And when you turn the TV on, the mount adjusts to your preferred viewing angle preset. Upon powering off your TV, the mount re-adjusts to a resting angle that better complements the room’s interior. CLO systems presented another TV mount at CES. The S3 mount makes it possible to swivel your TV in 90 degrees and it also rotates and extends the TV monitor away from the wall.

Vuzix Booth:
Vuzix displayed the Wrap 920AR, an insanely advanced virtual reality eyewear device. Wearing this eyewear creates the illusion that you are peering into a 67” monitor. The Wrap 920AR also integrates two cameras that enable it to blend CGI graphics with the actual environment around you. Vuzix also showcased the Wrap310, a video viewer designed in the shape of sunglasses. These special sunglasses make it seem as though you are watching a 55” screen, and you can connect it to most video players, such as the iPod or iPhone.

Visisol Booth:
Visisol showed up at the CES show to promote various products, most notably their portable 3-D “glasses-less” television/DVD player device, a portable compact projector, and an amplifier with a built-in iPod docking station and remote control. Technocel displayed their PowerPak device, which is a combination of a portable battery and a home charger. This universal charger will provide juice for all of your USB devices. Technocel also plans to introduce the Ear Vibe, a stereo headset that actually vibrates to enhance the surround sound experience.

Another great innovative company on-site, Moshi, plans introduced their useful products. With their acrylic alarm clock, you can actually use your voice to set the time and alarm. Their iPhone docking station enables you choose your favorite song as your alarm clock. Moshi also applies their advanced voice command technology to their special Bluetooth hands-free kit. This new kit allows you to use your voice to make and receive calls. The YUBZ communication company will be also at CES. YUBZ showed us their unique retractable earpiece devices. These earpiece clips can be altered to fit your clothes, seatbelt or any other place you may prefer to clip a headset. For those interested in DJ and pro audio equipment, Hercules showcased the DJ Control MP3e2, a DJ controller designed to simulate the Pro DJ experience for those interested in becoming a DJ. This two deck controller allows you to mix music and learn by experience. Other great products at CES include the Livio Pandora Radio, which is designed with the Pandora “thumbs up, thumbs down” buttons on its face and remote. You can stream live music from Pandora as well as thousands of other internet radio stations.

Q-TEC Booth:
Q-TEC introduced their line of 2.0 Blu-Ray Disc Players and 2.0+ models like the BDP-BC3 and the BDP-MX1. Q-TEC claims that these models are the highest performance Blu-Ray players on the market. Avery Technologies presented their “Intelligent Wireless Audio System,” a receiver that transit analog audio (mobile phones, MP3, home theater systems) through 2.4GHz ISM band in a special broadcasting mode. Avery Technologies also showcased their wireless satellite speakers and subwoofers designed for home theater systems and MP3 players. They revealed their spectacular wireless boom box speakers, the GD 22 model. These speakers are compatible with SD Cards of up to 8 GB in memory space and have a built-in EQ, dual alarm and snooze button.