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Yorktown, VA


January 13, 2015

Purchased for my daughter and she loves it, so home run. Great alternative to purchasing an aftermarket deck.

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Island lake IL

Great Product

March 3, 2014

I installed this in a Pontiac G8 gt. Along with a sub and replaced all factory speakers. This works over FM so you will loose FM and must understand that but all the other Bluetooth systems that do not us FM have many issues (read the reviews) most will not utilize all speakers and I have 13 of them in this car. It works great as promised and has no problems. Bluetooth streaming makes mp3s sound better than I imagined and FM is no loss thanks to Iheart and Pandora. I highly recommend this and will install another in my330i.

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Seems solid so far

April 19, 2014

The installation is a little hairier than other bluetooth kits, as you cannot use a harness but must do some work with electrical wiring. I used an Add-a-Circuit to tap into the factory stereo circuit in the under-dash fuse box. I would highly recommend a professional install if you aren't comfortable with electrical work.

The bluetooth kit works just as described. The sound quality is on par with the Bluetooth sound for the Motorola TK30 I used to have (that crapped out on me by continually cycling power on and off). The iSimple is very unobtrusive and not an obvious target for thieves, which makes this a great option if you live in an area where auto theft is a problem.

I am the only person who uses my phone in this vehicle, so I haven't tried pairing more than one device. Because of my bad experience with the Motorola product, I am wary about the longevity of these kits, but so far there have been no problems with the iSimple. And the price point is excellent.

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Savage, MN

Awsome Sound - Less than friendly Bluetooth Set Up

April 11, 2014

This unit sounds great, even through the FM modulator. Its great that you can pick any station for the input. I hear no static or interference. The major issue is that the manual that comes with the unit does not contain enough information to successfully pair with your iPhone. There is a more detailed instruction sheet if you search for it online. I called the support number and they really did not want to talk to me unless I was a professional installer. The pairing only appears to remember a single iPhone and in order to pair to a different device you must use the Tranzit Blu app to "clear all devices". I guess one device is "all". Now, once you have sucsessfully paired a device, the connection is rock solid and works great. I can only give it four stars because of the inability to pair to multiple devices. The ease of use is rated low because of the issue with the pairing. If not for that this would have a solid 5 star. I am considering another one for my second vehicle.

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Memphis, TN

Great Product

October 10, 2014

My daughter has a 2001 Integra and has started College. She loves to run music off of her phone. We installed the iSimple Tranzit BLU HF. I worked and sounded great. I would recommend this product.

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Jim Bob

Houston, Texas

Not as good as hoped

May 19, 2014

Installs easily, works as advertised. Voice modulation over radio not as strong as regular FM stations. When a call comes in, you have to turn up the radio to hear the caller and after the call, you have to turn it down before switching back to an FM station.
Contracted support and they offered no help, no solutions.

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West Sacramento, CA


February 9, 2015

More than what i was expected, it sounds better than the regular radio, even better than a regular CD.
Microphone 8 out of 10 but the sound of the call is amazing.
The streaming of the music and videos is A+ I use it with my Galaxy note4 ( Spotify, iheart and milk) and with my Iphone 4s ( with i heart and spotify ) I am just in love with this product and will recommended to anyone.

Pretty easy to set up btw and SE price BUUUAAA super low.

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Delray Beach, FL

Great Value Item

March 17, 2015

I installed this in a 2000 Jaguar S-Type, and use an iPhone 6 with it. The installation takes patience and time, but once installed the gadget works flawlessly. I set the default RF station to one I listen to so it all appears seamless. Answering calls, using Siri to make calls and listening to iPhone music works like a charm.
I prefer it to using the built in Bluetooth cell link on my Acura MDX because I don't have to pre-program phone numbers - it just uses the iPhone contacts.

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Cape Coral, FL

Great Value

February 24, 2015

Installation was not very difficult. Operation exceeds my expecation and sound is equally as good.

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New Zealand

Good product

September 5, 2016

very happy with product, easy to install and operates as described

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brillion wi


April 10, 2016

Works great to have and it works great and my friends like it to

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