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DJ Controllers & Interfaces Information

DJ Controllers

DJ controllers act in a way to replace the traditional DJ mixer, turntable, and CD set up. Most of the controllers include shuttle jog dials that imitate how a turntable controls an audio file.

DJ controllers are used with DJ software in order to allow for a compact system. In most cases, the use of a DJ controller allows a DJ to not have to carry around more expensive, delicate, and heavier equipment. Most importantly, with the use of the controllers and software there is no need to use CDs or records. This very beneficial to DJs who are progressively using computer based set ups.

There are many advantages of controllers. One is that the processing power of the computer can be used to manipulate different aspects of the music; such as: sound, giving a wide range of effects, and sampling options. Many DJ software’s have applications to take advantage of this. Controllers are also often independent, which allows customizable setups with the DJs preference. Any DJ can choose and configure the software and use a variety of controllers with it. In some cases, DJs even use two or more controllers for different applications during a set.

At Sonic Electronix you will find a great assortment of high quality DJ software controllers that will accommodate DJs at all levels from beginner to professional. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to update your equipment, we make sure to provide the necessary tools to help you excel within your skills and career. Our complete selection of professional DJ equipment will provide you with everything you need to complete your DJ setup.

In regards to whether you are a club DJ, a traveling DJ, or an aspiring DJ the controllers we have available will be able to suit you and your preferences. With a controller, you won’t have to worry about any of your DJ equipment or discs getting stolen, nothing heavy to lug around when traveling with your gear, but just your laptop, software, and DJ controller. With the extensive selection of DJ controllers and software available it is important to know what functionality you want and what your DJing goals are while pursuing you passion with music.