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Great Sound

Even though I am approaching 70, I still like loud music with a good solid subwoofer sound without distortion. After reading reviews on a number of amplified subwoofer speakers, I selected Bazooka because of the fewer problem reviews. The installation instructions are reasonable and I had no problem installing to my new head unit. I installed the speaker in my trunk in a '02 Maxima. The sound is great expecially when I lower one of the rear seat backs allowing for the sound to enter the car's cab unrestriced.

By Ronald on September 8, 2012


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Bazooka BASS!

This Bazooka bass tube is installed in my CX7. The sound is outstanding, and better than expected! The bass is really deep and powerful. Installation was easy. Only reason I gave 3 stars for durability is the bk came off, due to hard hitting bass I think, but nothing a little glue didnt fix and now back in action. Would definitely recommend.

By Mario on September 4, 2012


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Not happy at all

The 250w 10" leaves a lot to be desired, like bass. It's mounted in the trunk of a Malibu, you hear it at low volume, but when turned up a past 1/4 volume it disappears. I bought the biggest, most powerful bazooka offered, paid cash, and feel like I got suckered. I bought a prepackaged jl 10" 250w box and it pounds. Same money. Much better equipment, much, much better quality. Huge, enormous difference in sound. Sticking with jl. In a hatchback,I will say, it does a great job. But the bass still washes, it's still too boomy, not tight crisp bass. It just can't compete with the big boys as promised. That's my first, and last shopping experience with bazooka.

By Pat on November 1, 2013


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Bazooka BTA10250D

Works great we had no issues ordering this product or no issues with the product

By Az on October 17, 2013


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Bazooka Boom

This Bazooka tube is all around awesome. Built in amp plus some crazy bass cant go wrong here.

By Biggepps007 on March 2, 2012


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Great bass in a little space

I was quite skeptical of a "bass tube" when I first saw this product. Let me tell you, for someone who has had boxed subs (always in a sealed box) this little bad boy is the real deal. It's perfect for the space conscious, and for those who don't want to blow the doors off. You will FEEL and HEAR this quite well, and you may find yourself turning it down at times. This is a great deal, and truly a great product.

By Gregory on June 5, 2011


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extremely satisfied

this product proved to be more than I bargained for , I put it in my 1966 chevy and have gotten nothing but good remarks as to it's sleek style ,rich sound the way it blended into the cars scheme.i enjoy each time I get to hear my old school music nice and loud yet clean.

By classic 66 on September 17, 2013


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I downgraded from a JL Audio 12" W7 after an inner ear injury (Unrelated... really) to the bazooka 10" w/ built in 250 watt amp. The sound of the Bazooka BTA10250D is deep, and can actually be quite "powerful" I frequently use my trunk to haul stuff from A to B and the quick disconnect system is very useful for easily removing the tube. less than 30 seconds out AND in. I highly recommend this unit for someone who wants good sound without the trouble of eating up all your trunk space....not to mention the entire unit (Box-Sub-Amp) is crazy inexpensive when compared to the rest of the audio market. I am very happy with my purchase.

By Refkin on August 4, 2011


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Great speaker

It delivers a good solid bass and uses no room in the trunk. Great buy!

By Joe walsh on May 8, 2014


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Great Buy

A great sub in a simple package. This sub hits pretty good for a single 10" and add enough bass to give your music that full more realistic sound.

By Woody on April 11, 2011


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Love It...

I highly recommend this product for those who are looking to add depth and base to existing factory sound system in your vehicle.

Pros: sound quality
Cons: finicky with a BOSE sound system

By grodz77 on January 28, 2013


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Bazooka BTA10250D in 2011 BMW 328i trunk

This is a great addition to your factory system to add the missing bass which is totally missing in the stock 328i system. Install was $175 at reputable stereo store. Will not rattle the car next to you, but enough bass gets through the rear seats to add the missing low end. Just enough!!!

Very happy with purchase from Sonic. Item was shipped quickly, customer service was excellent, and item was in perfect working order. Actual item box was not in perfect condition, but packed extremely well. Would buy again from Sonic!

By Frank on October 14, 2010


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Better to Build Your Own

I've hooked this up in a 2012 Scion IQ. I'm now considering trashing it for a custom built box. It is good for small spaces, which is why I bought it.

However, the issues come in when any problems are experienced. I installed this myself and tried 3 different methods as listed in the documentation. My issues have still not been resolved, even with asking for support from the manufactuer.

If I connect it directly to the rear speakers inline, the front speakers inline or directly on the head unit with RCA inputs... The sub cuts out when the volume goes up. It shuts off at the amp like it is over powered.

The only way I can keep it on is to set the balance to the left 100 percent. Any input from the right side and it cuts off. No clear answers are given for issues such as these.

While the issues may be with my car and some sort of preamp'd output to the amp, etc... I will never buy an all in one unit such as this again. You can built it yourself for less and have a custom box with better control.

The straps that hold the tube also work themselves loose over time and have to be retightened. Eventually they just don't stay tight either.

This seller was perfect. Fast quality shipping. Accurate communication, etc. Feel confident buying from them, just buy a different product.

By Brian on March 10, 2013


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Big sound

The Bazooka powered sub has a good punch to it. Wiring is the hardest part of installing. It mounts simply, but you need to keep an eye on the nylon straps as they loosen when new. For the size, it does well. Just replaced a smaller unit that was in the trunk for over 5 years, and I got that one used.If you have a "sub-out" on your stereo, is a simple addition.

By Car Guy on November 22, 2013


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great sound

This bass tube fills my trailblazer with great bass. Awesome sound.

By vet on October 20, 2012


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Bazooka BTA10250D

very nice choice for my land cruiser, fits very nice at the back of the truck. If you are looking for nice crisp bass sound but not to entertain the guy in the car next to you, then that would be a good choice.

By wael on March 9, 2010


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AWESOME PRODUCT AND PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This product is exactlt what I was told that it would be. The price is affordable considerring the awesome performance. I WILL NOT hesitate to purchase another,also reccommend it to my friends and co-workers.

By FATBOY on November 18, 2011


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Great value, B++ sound quality, CONVENIENT

I own 3 10", 250W Bazooka tubes in different vehicles. It is extremely convenient, easy to install and reliable. I have never had one fail in any way. The bass is smooth, deep and rich. I would recommend it highly to any listener other than people desiring thumping, shake the car bass. If you listen to classical to rock, country to vocal, this is a great sounding product. If you are like my 17 year old son, that wants to rattle every nut and bolt loose in his car, this is not the speaker. My advise. Go out and get one.

By saabdoctor on October 26, 2009


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Small space? Great sub!

I've had the tube installed for about 4 months now. It's running through my stock headunit. I have a 370z base. I'm 26 and I have had the 2- 12's in high school and then a custom 3-12's setup in college. I didn't want to shake the block but I wanted something to bring out my music. This does that and more. Great bass, no custom setup needed and no issues. Great bass for the money and the all in one setup.

Pros: very convenient, great for hatches and small trunks, good amount of bass.
Cons: Don't have any really.

Easy install, good bass for the all-in-one unit.

By Chris on August 25, 2011


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bazooka tube

Was easy to install and sounds AWESOME. This tube will fulfill all your bass needs at a great price. Bought it for my sons car and he cant stop smilimg.

By Old Man on April 26, 2015


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Bazooka 10"

This is a nice quality item, and is perfect for the goal that I was trying to achieve. Before purchasing this is I ran 2 12" Cerwin Vegas in my trunk with all my amps and cap in my spare wheel well. While that was all good and we'll I decided that I wanted to consolidate my audio to free up my trunk. By removing the Cerwin Vegas and mono block and replacing with the Bazooka I was able to remove the cap, put my 4 channel under my passenger seat, and the Bazooka behind my passenger seat. The Bazooka is wedged in nicely between the front and rear passenger seats, and sounds great being almost directly behind me. Since none of it is in my trunk anymore I don't need to crank it up as loud to enjoy the bass thump of the music. While I do know how to properly set up an amp and speakers I can appreciate the ease of use of this product. It's about as plug and play as any speaker setup I have encountered before. Overall, it was a great purchase for my particular application.

By bigbeancounter on July 13, 2017


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Great Subwoofer

I would definitely recommend this 10" powered bazooka. Just run main power, remote power and speaker wire and you have plenty of bass to fill your vehicle. It definitely picks up the low tones that get left out with normal car audio and even with some "premium" car audio with a sub. Great buy. Takes up a lot less space than you'd think for the kind of output you get.

By STEPHEN on August 16, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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I purchased this to replace my 6 inch 100watt tube. The 6 inch was fine until I amped my door speakers. Needing more bass I opted for the BTA10250D and I am not disappointed. It hits hard in the trunk of my Subaru legacy sedan. I have 2 10’s in a box in the trunk of my other car so the Bazooka tube is perfect for when I have to fill the trunk with luggage for a road trip. Just unplug and lift it out. It’s not going to heard a block away but it will fill your cabin with deep rich bass.

By Reco on July 29, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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