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Phoenix, AZ

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Good product with disappointing issues.

June 26, 2015

I purchased this for my 2003 Range Rover HSE with Navigation and the Harman Kardon factory system, to be used with my 160gb iPod Classic. It works well and sounds really clear connection and media wise, however there are a few irritating issues that really detract from the system as a whole. The ipod must be disconnected each time the vehicle is turned off, and plugged back in each time you turn the vehicle back on, but it must be plugged in after the vehicle is running in order to work. Additionally it produces a metallic/digital scratching or screeching noise for a few seconds each time it is connected. It will play from the last point you stopped using a playlist which is nice, however it will periodically stop and reset the playlist when you plug it in which is really odd. Additionally, though you have to press the "info" button several times to get the song names to show up, it won't scroll the names of the album/song/artist at all so you only get to see a few characters of each which is a disappointment. Overall it is a cheaper alternative to replacing the factory head unit to an aftermarket with the same connections, however it does not offer the ease of use and completeness of an aftermarket unit, such as the ability to stay connected after the vehicle is turned off, and consistency. This will work at least until I purchase a full aftermarket headunit with the same features, because it simply does not function as shown in the video's on the site, maybe it's due to the vid being shown on a BMW and not a Range Rover, but personally, I am very dissatisfied with this product.

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