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Jl Audio F150 Stealthbox (JL Audio SB-F-150-SCDBL/12TW3/BK)

My setup:

Subs : (2 12" 12TW3D-8's in 2018 F150 JL Audio Sub Box.) : powered by JL HD1200
Speakers : Front : JL C#650 2 way component ; Rear : JL C2 650 Coaxial for rear fill. : powered by JL VXI 400/4 ( using Tun software for all)

Did 2 months of research, 4-5 hours a day. Anywhere from senior members, every review online, numerous certified install audio shops : you name it, I did the research.

For the 1st month, I was sold on the Foxbox with 2 10" 10W3V3's that the dealer recommnded for me. After numerous delays, and great reviews on the stealthbox, I decided to pony up to get my project finished and cancel the Foxbox. One installer told me that the 12TW3's while not rated quite as high as the non shallow 10's, would outperfrom the 10's and be more crisp as well.

I am coming from 2 Rockford T Power 12's in a sedan, and this Stealthbox almost hits as hard, if not as hard. Very good SQL, especially for sliding under my rear seat and taking up no room. I am about to change out my factory radio for a Kenwood Excelon reference 1057 and that should really crank up the quality on everything.

TL;DR : this box is hands down the best option for a truck/F-150. I like quality, and I like power. I am a musician, better yet, a drummer. This thing delivers on both levels, quality and power, but give it the juice it deserves. JL recommends a 750W amp for it, I say do 1000 at least. These are power hungry and can handle it. I've barely scratched the surface with what it can do mainly because there is absolutely no need. Buy it! It's made by JL, for JL subs, for the F-150....what else do you want?

By Tim on October 21, 2020


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By Michael on June 3, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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2023 Ford Raptor

Fits just fine in the 23 Ford Raptor. Seems to sound decent.

By Shane on September 16, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Best of the best great service I would recommend them

Great service and super fast iam very happy thanks again

By Alejandro on June 14, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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By Andrew on September 8, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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