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I wanted to replace it after I got it installed

I installed a Pioneer AVIC-X910BT into my 2002 Ford Escape XLT. Putting a 2Din headunit into this vehicle involves cutting the sub-dash to clearance for the unit. This was disclosed on the website and wasn't much of a surprise to me. I tarped off the inside of my car with old bedsheets and used a rotozip with a carbide rasp attachment which made quick work of removing the plastic material.

The Installation kit attached easily to the head-unit with a couple of screws and I used a harness adapter so I didn't have to cut my factory wires. After making making the connections and soldering them together, I bound them up with zip ties and inserted the unit into the dash.

The dash in my vehicle has quite a bit of room behind it so with a bit of maneuvering I was able to slide the unit and all it's wires (there are a lot of them!) into the dash opening. Unfortunately, the kit doesn't have the fit & finish like my factory stereo had. This kit has uneven gaps between the bezel and the mounting kit. I think it falls short of what an OEM installation would be.

(This website should let you upload a pic)

I brought my car over to my local "Extreme" audio installation center and they admitted to using a slightly different mounting system but which is essentially the same. It would have been better being a black metal plate with a DD hole to stick the radio through. This would have eliminated the gap at the bottom which is filled with a thin plastic filler piece.

Overall, I'm really disappointed with the available dash kits for the 2001-07 Ford Escapes but now that it's been in my car for six months I've kind of gotten used to it.

By hrdtofnd on November 5, 2010


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Metra in dash kit

The kit is great, my Mercury Marauder has what Ford likes to cal 2 din radio opening but the dash is not big enough to fit a normal 2 din radio. With a little shaving of the top of the dash board and the Metra install kit I was able to fit a Kenwood touch screen DVD navigation head unit in my car. I would recommend this product for anyone wanting to install a 2 din radio on a Ford product.

By Juan on October 10, 2009


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Made the install look great

This item I needed to install a 4" radio into my 2000 F250. Worked like a charm. When using you have to grind a little on the bottom of dash to except this but once on radio snapped right into the truck.. Gave it a totally finished look.. Very pleased..

By M. Scott on February 10, 2014


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good value

Worked well, sticks out a little as the Sportrac dash is angled vertically, but still functions well.

By Brian on March 3, 2012


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Works as advertised

Used to install in a 2000 Ford F350 CC. The supplied screws were almost too short, but seem to be holding. Fairly easy to install, but does require the top and bottom of the dash opening to be trimmed. The sides can be left alone except near the corners to allow brackets to sit in flush. Instructions are okay, but as with most things, rather vague. Looks are pretty decent.

By Ed on November 11, 2014


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Work Good

Good fitment and good product

By Joseph on October 27, 2010


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Good for Ford Crown Victoria

Installed this unit in both a 2003 & 2007 Ford Crown Victoria. Lots of questions around installing a double DIN unit in the early cars, but I did not have any issues. The only modification needed is the trimming of the small plastic ridge that surrounds the opening, then the Metra 95-5817 will slide right in.

By Strongcoffee on July 3, 2013


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Excellent Product

If you are adding a touchscreen to your F-250 pickup this is the perfect
install kit to go with it. It is very easy to install did not have to file to much of the dash out to make it work.

By mrobbi on October 15, 2012


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very good

made istallation very easy

By Stoddard on June 15, 2011


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Great product for my 2000 Ford F350

Product was just what I needed to finish the installation of a double DIN player into my DIN and a half opening on my Ford F350.

By toastr on November 11, 2012


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Added bonus

Having the install kit available was an added bonus. Had it installed in record time. Great value.

By Barbara on January 19, 2015


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Adapters for PyleView GPS/Radio to Crown Victoria

This is an odd review since I did not use the product as it was intended. But it works fine for me.

The adapter plates go on the sides of the core device. They are designed to lock the PyleView GPS/Radio into dash board I guess to prevent theft.

Well in my case I wanted to be able to access the PyleView GPS/Radio with out a big job of removing the dash. (This was because I was going to add a Back Up Camera later.)

I took a Dremel and cut the tabs off that perform the locking function.
Now I can take the PyleView GPS/Radio in and out at will. I made a pair of removal tools from heavy solid iron wire. The PyleView GPS/Radio is held in the dash by a lot of friction and the lack of any place to grab the PyleView GPS/Radio when it is in the dash.
My wire tools give me the ability to "grab" the PyleView GPS/Radio for removal.

It is nice to be able to buy the adapter plates in the first place.

By Mark on June 29, 2014


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Making life easy

Goes in easy, looks good.

By Cole on April 11, 2013


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F-650 Metra Dash Kit

I used this metra dash kit to install a JCV Full Din Stereo In My 2008 F-650 (Same Dash As F250-F350) You have to grindtheupper& lower lip off factory dash panel but the kit locks in tight & fits real nice.Just make sure you have it wred right before you push in all the way because when it locks its in for good!!

By SaturnDoc on December 27, 2013


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dash kit

Cool, works good.

By Woody on February 16, 2012


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works great looks good

This product fits perfectly looks good and is priced right if this is the adapter you need you wont regret it

By richard on March 19, 2015


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yes the bespradacktt shiping is good and good coalite dddddddddd

By edik on January 30, 2013


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worth getting!

brackets fit as planned on two different units. Looks good in the dash.

By al on June 18, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Perfect Match for our 2004 Mercury Marauder

This Dash Kit functioned Perfectly and the installation looks just like Factory. Very Nice Clean Appearance.

By Norman on March 29, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Metra 95-5817 mounting kits work great.

The kit works great, but the real plus here is the service that sonix provides.

By Daniel on November 30, 2015


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Perfect Fit

Fit perfectly in OEM molding, mounted perfectly to radio!!!! Material is very strong which surprised me for it being plastic, the perfect fit would definitely use this brand again.

By DC on March 21, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Fit

No installation problems, It fell right in the dash like a glove

By Michael on January 11, 2016


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Necessary for Double DIN but needs some work

Although developed for aftermarket radios to be installed in to the factory dash cavities, it fell short my my expectations. The 96 LINCOLN Town Car plastic factory dash cavity requires major Dremel routing to accept a Pioneer Double DIN aftermarket radio and allow the Metra wiring harness plugs and antenna to exit the rear into the dash. Flanges around the face-plate are removed entirely with an additional half inch of the inferior edge of dash aperture. This kit suffers from anemic instructions as to the design features for perfect placement of the side plates, and a totally inadequate bottom plastic bar. . It is up to the installer to improvise a satisfactory part to mask the dash gap removed to allow the radio to incline under the AC ducts over the rear his cavity.

By Anonymous on October 29, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Perfect Fit

The Metra 95-5817 was all I needed to make the install myself. It took about 4-5 hours. Install instructions were very helpful

By Tony on December 1, 2015


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Perfect install

'03 F350 - Makes for a perfect fit to install dash unit, small trim piece may not seem like much, but it finishes the install completely. Better design than other dash kits I've used.

By Anonymous on August 5, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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