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Great camera for the price A+

July 26, 2012

This camera has a very nice wide angle and also has very good night vision cannot ask for anything better for a camera

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Phil T

Littleton, Colorado

Nice Backup Camera

May 13, 2014

I installed this camera a few weeks ago. The picture quality, gridlines and night vision quality are great. The only criticism I have is the connection wires for the back up lights could be a lower gauge wire. The small wires can not be used with standard automotive quick connectors so I had to cut the back up light wires and splice them with a butt connector. I do wish it had a upright indicator or arrow because you will have to adjust it after installation to get the orientation correct. Other then that the camera is great and a good value.

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Ypsilanti, MI

works like a champ

January 10, 2014

Easy to wire up and it works as intended. Would be this one again.

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Neat unit

November 22, 2013

This works exactly as you would hope. It was a little fiddly to install as there are no markings to show which way is "up" on the camera. But it works perfectly.

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Lyman, SC

Good quality video good value

April 18, 2014

For the money, this is a great piece. The picture is good in both daylight and in the dark. My only wish (with all the cameras actually) would be to be able to adjust the angle of the camera inside the tube rather than needing the extensions that make it stick out away from the bumper.

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Salisbury, MD

You get what you pay for..

November 2, 2013

This is not the greatest backup camera but it does the job. The nice part of it is that it sits flush with your bumper but you have to drill a hole with the included bit. It also has parking lines which is nice to gauge distance to an object.

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Simi Valley, CA

Fine product.

September 17, 2013

This camera is great. The picture quality is top notch. The infrared is great. It is like having a bright light on when it is pitch black outside. Installing the camera was super easy. The included wire was plenty long to reach the back of the car. Great price.

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amsterdam, OH

Decent camera

July 27, 2015

This camera is ok for the price and worked perfect for my mounting plan. The downfalls are the picture quality is not great but for the price i can't complain it is more for added security than to tely on. There is no indication as to which way is up so took me 7 mounting and unmounting in not so easy spot to get it level. The lines are ok if approaching something if an object is already inside lines it is difficult to judge. Finally the instructions do not mention the red wire on head unit end at all but pleasantly it is a 12 volt trigger wire for the reverse wire in head unit

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Colbert, GA

Verified Purchase
Works just right

November 29, 2017

I will and have recommended this product, fit my truck and looks factory

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Cedarville, OH

Verified Purchase
Steering Wheel Audio Control: Fantastic Vehicle Add-On!

November 9, 2017

After having tried several cheap IR units purchased from a popular online auction website, I came across this item. Significantly more expensive, but apparently with great reviews. It also seemed to be designed more robustly and tastefully. The install took a little bit of think through regarding the best location on the steering wheel. The two small zip ties attachment proved to be insufficient to prevent the control from being shifted/moved with the pressure from my thumb. This design flaw was noted by others. The easiest solution for ME was to use a strong silicon-based glue where the unit contacts the steering wheel in addition to the zip ties. I DID have to replace the original zip ties, since I had to cut the originals. No big deal. Since I have an older vehicle (2003 Chevy S10 ) and use a steering wheel cover, using glue was not an issue for me. The zip ties are now covered by my slip-on steering wheel cover (available everywhere - you've seen 'em).

I left the factory-set controls as-is and didn't bother to re-program. It works just fine for me. I can change source modes, volume, songs, albums - all with the touch of my thumb with my hands STILL on the steering wheel. No more eyes off the road, no more bending forward, fiddling with my HU. A definite safety feature. It's worth the $100 or so price tag for something like this that adds convenience AND safety.

I don't give it a perfect "5" because of the need to use zip ties for attachment. Metra engineering R&D could've come up with a better solution, I think. I suspect that the matter of varying steering wheel thicknesses and owners' finicky-ness about possibly ruining their steering wheels resulted in this "dumbed-down" solution. Not a deal-breaker by any means. Otherwise - very nice add-on!

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Webb City, Mo.


November 29, 2019

I have never installed a backup camera and found it to be the easiest install of the whole process. Clarity is awesome. I would highly recommend it due to having led lights that allow you to see clearly when dark.

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