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Carl Pittman

Nashville, TN

Verified Purchase
Works great for me. I use it for Bluetooth

June 21, 2021

I agree with other reviewer. The presets for AM/FM radio are not storing/saving. I called NVX and they will emailed me a firmware update for usb but honestly I didn't care about it because I use mine with Bluetooth only. Works really good and I only wanted AM for ESPN, but I get that via app so all good.

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Chidester, AR

Verified Purchase
not good

May 16, 2021

will not pick up FM at all but does fine with usb

The FM stations and antenna work.

We are aware (and have issued a resolution) for the FM Presets storing/saving.

The only other issue potentially could be the customer is using wilderness where FM does not work great. We cannot fix Radio Signals from your local providers, but we can make a great unit that offers the best bang for the buck, and there are no longer issues with the presets.

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