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phenominal boom for the buck!

I recently purchased 4 of these for a budget build in a Chevy Astro-van. I have these installed in a ported enclosure, 1.6 cu/ft per chamber, with a 4"diameter x 6"L port per chamber. I have these subs running off of a Soundstream TA1.3000D mono-channel amplifier with the subs wire to the amp presenting a 1 ohm load before box rise. This combination is outstanding, powerful output, clean, and it crushes low-bass tones. I haven't had this setup for very long, tis the reason for the lower durability scoring, but so far it sounds great!

By windguy on September 2, 2014


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quality boom for low bucks!!

I recently purchased 4 of these subs for a budget build in a 1995 Chevy Astrovan. I built a ported enclosure for these, 1.6 cubic feet per chamber with a 4" diameter x 6"L port per chamber. I have these subs wired to present a 1 ohm load (before box rise) to a Soundstream TA1.3000D. This combination/setup generated incredible output, clean/sharp bass and very impressive low-end bass response. Very nice subs even for more money.

By Dago on September 3, 2014


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good looks and decent sound

Sound is good for a mid level sub. Does way better in a ported box versus sealed. If you cut the holes for the box tight you will have problems getting the sub in past the terminal leads but not a major issue.

By bucs03 on September 17, 2013


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I have loved PPI since team Gates, if you don't know who they are better go back to car audio school , and these little giants take you back to the glory days of ppi. I have a planet audio ac 5000 running to of these is a down firing box in my Titan and they hit HARD.... Very clean and musical with almost every type of music and will handle dubstep almost flawlessly. The only thing wrong with them is they are about a quarter in smaller than the prefabbed box cutouts so had to make a gasket to go around them... other than that buy these suckers at this price.... looking at adding 2 more in the very near future.....

By PPI Power on September 24, 2013


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Strangest sub ever

I just want to say I've been into car audio for along time and this speaker baffels me. I've tried it in three different size boxes from a little small with Polly fill, to a box that was on the money with and without Polly , and lastly, a box that was two cubic feet too big. They were all sealed boxes as well. I experienced the same results. The sub moves air but there is very little sound. Thought the amp may be bad so I hooked it up to a way overpowered amp same result.

By Ryan on September 17, 2013


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very good

put 1 ph-10 in wifes toyota tundra with ppi 850/1 mono amp sounds really good in such a small box great subs for the price love ppi

By j on October 7, 2014


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Amazing !

I bought this sub given ALOT of previous PPI experience back in the 90's. I was not disappointed at all, it's being fed all the power it can handle in a sealed 1ft box crushing heavy metal to the max. Some songs are hard to "feel" but that has to deal with how they were recorded. When you play a well recorded track you will love this sub no doubt. Stop looking just buy !!!

By Sloth on June 7, 2014


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Great sound!

Went with these because i was on a budget. Sound great, sturdy design. In a ported box i ran a 137.5 measured. Not bad at all.

By Sarge on June 9, 2016


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Ppi ph.10

For the price it's hard to go wrong. It does pretty good in a ported box, the box I choose has some pretty annoying port noise ,I tried it in a sealed box and was not any good- speaker moves but barely any sound
I would recommend this for price as for durability not sure yet I've only had it in about 1 month, if it's anything like old ppi I'm not worried about longevity . It plays just as good as my morel sub it replaced at a quarter the price

By Nic on September 14, 2015


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Great sub for a great price

After spending a couple weeks looking for a subwoofer I finally purchased this one. Reason being is it fit my budget and would be able to fit in my vehicle with no modifications (crew cab truck). It's well constructed, weighs a decent amount for a 10, and I like the wattage ratings. Built a 1 cubic foot sealed box for it to fit under my back seat and hooked it up to a hifonics brz1700.1 and wired it to 4ohms. This thing puts out great bass. I usually keep the bass turned up to half just because I wanted the sub to mainly fill the lows I was missing with the stock system and it does just that and more when I want it to. All this is also ran from my stock deck with a LOC.

If you're looking for great sub for a good price this is definitely one to consider. Would buy another if I had the room.

By Cody on February 9, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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great sub for the price!!

this sub sounds pretty good considering how cheap it is. sounds best in a 1.5-1.75 cu ft ported box. definitely worth what it costs, would recommend for anybody.

By Ben on April 24, 2016


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By Jose de jesus on September 16, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

PPI Phantom series subs

These bad boys are the real deal..they hit super hard and still keep good sound quality. I would buy these over JL W3s any day!!

By james on January 17, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

Hits hard for value gotta run a lot to tyem

Good product all around like the clarity and capacity that can trace

By Anonymous on December 26, 2018

Keep fresh air around the vc

Perfect for bandpass. Its pretty good for the price. BUT MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE VOICE COIL COOL...... Mine burnt up with the volume turned down low. The vc was in the sealed side of my bandpass and the air must have gotten hot and it basically cooked itself.... Seems to have a decent useful excursion, they didn't list xmax though. The motor responds just like a lot of cheap woofers. There are $20 10" woofers that have the exact same response, just less excision and power handling. I picked it because woofers like that are perfect for a bandpass but this one has way better power handling.

By SpongeBass on June 11, 2017

Killer bang for buck!

Bought this to replace a failing jl10w0. I was not sure what to expect from newer ppi stuff but I have to say I am quite happy I took a chance on this.

-Surprisingly good sound quality
-great power handling (though I only have it on a 300w amp atm)
-dual 2 ohm coil giving me a 1 and 4 ohm load option for a single sub.
-The cost
-larger, then most lower cost 10" sub, voice coil.

The only con I have would be a pro as well. That would be the dual 2ohm coil.

Final thoughts. My con is based on me just not having a 1ohm stable amp I could use as well as not having a 4ohm amp with enough power. I am probably pushing just over 300w rms to this 700w sub but man it sounds good. Not quite as clean as my JL but I can only really hear it when I have the trunk open.
I would put this sub in all of my own cars and would recommend it to all of my friends as it stands now. The true test till be time.

By Paul on January 30, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

PPI hasn't lost a step!!!

The speakers are Monsters!!! I've got three of them hooked up in a ported box to a CAB 1600.1 amp at 1.34 ohms. They hit so hard my suv, sounds like it rattling apart. Don't listen to anyone who says PPI isn't any good because most likely they haven't use them for themselves or they are high price audio snobs. You'll be very happy!!!

By Larry on October 2, 2016


I didn't know what to expect from a sub that was so cheap. I installed these in my 2012 Ram under the seats hooked to a Brutus Hifonics 2000watt amp running at 2ohms gain is set to 3/4 they sound awesome
However the lows are not their friend. I listen to a lot of skrilixs and dub step. I would say definitely true RMS if not underrated

By Joshua on June 17, 2016

Awesome performance

These subs hit crazy hard.The term you get what you pay for doesn't apply to these subs. Got them on a m100 alpine gain up all the way and they want more. Rms is true maybe even a little more.

By Eric on April 22, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

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