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It Rocks !!!!

I have this running in my system
1/0 wire from the engine compartment to this cap
then my 600x4 and my 1000 mono running off this
so nice to have the built in distribution block built in to it
one power wire and one ground ....everything else wires into this cap
either 1/0 or 4awg wire combinations
and with the big 3 in place running 1/0 wire I have no dim lights at all
and the sound is so clean and smooth for the mids and highs
the lows are just awesome !!!!!!

By Daryl on October 30, 2013


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By REXICAN on April 12, 2014


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rockford fosgate rfc 10 hb

I'm very happy to have received this product so quickly in France (10 days). It works just like your description.

By Joaquim on January 3, 2014


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Very impressive!

There is a lot of controversy surrounding capacitors in car audio and if you are running a big enough system to warrant a capacitor you should probably be upgrading your battery and alternator as well as doing "The Big 3." That being said, I purchased this simply to level out the load placed on my car's electrical system (one constant load rather than a bunch of big ones) and to hopefully provide a little extra juice to my amp. If it reduced or eliminated headlight dimming then that was just icing on the cake.

Charging took a while, I stopped to let the resistor cool many times but when it finally got charged up I pulled the sides off (very stiff, be careful not to break anything) and attached it to the backside of my box and got everything wired up. I was blown away by the difference it made, I got a ton of extra bass and it was much tighter and more precise than it was before. I waited until dark and took it out to see what difference it would make in my headlights with stock alternator, normal battery, and The Big 3 done and with my high beams on and the volume all the way up I could not see any dimming. I let it idle to see if the drain would dim the lights when the alternator was not putting out as much power and I still did not notice any dimming. My Boston Acoustics GTA-800m used to dim my lights pretty bad, especially at idle on high beam, and now it doesn't seem to be an issue.

I bought and tested this cap as objectively as I could, I had no prior bias as to whether or not it would affect sound quality or headlight dimming and from what I have seen in my own car I highly recommend this because it gave me much better sound quality, more powerful bass, and it eliminated my headlight dimming. It seems expensive until you see and hear the results, then it becomes a bargain!

By Steven on August 7, 2011


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Great product!!!!

First off, I am a Rockford Fosgate fan. I own two Rockford Fosgate T-600x2 amps. They are pumping about 775 RMS a piece, for a total of 1550 watts RMS. That leads me two the two Rockford Fosgate P3DV4ohm 10's. I had already upgraded the Alternator, battery and wires. I was just really interested in getting a power source that would give the two amps steady amperage loads to stress the amps even less. This did the trick!!! I am running 1 gauge wire by Tsunami. Kinetic battery. Not the loudest system out, but enough to smash most.

By Da Walrus on February 22, 2012


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Great Capacitor

I have had this capacitor for about 8 months now and I can say this thing is awesome. I bought it for 60 bucks off one of my friends. Immediatly after installing it my bass was LOUDER and CLEANER than its ever been. Love this thing! The volt meter is great too. But dang the price is a lot!!!!

By Dennis on March 18, 2012


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best value

This is the best capacitor i own. Gives my system that extra kick. I strongly recommended.

By jose on October 8, 2012


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Simply... Amazing

I had previously owned a Rockford Fosgate 1 Farad Capacitor of which I was thoroughly displeased with. I was also thoroughly displeased with the RFC10HB after I hooked it up as well. However, after tinkering with it, I found that I had hooked my RE-Q5 bass restoration system's power wire up to the outgoing power on the capacitor. Therefore it was getting vast peaks and valleys in power input. After I fixed the wiring I was blown away. It sounds like I have a new set of subwoofers. Much more accurate and rich sounding than with the 1 Farad. Also, I went from significant headlight dimming to none just by hooking it up. I'm not exactly sure why, and I've heard may people say that capacitors don't help with that, but hey, I'm not going to complain. As of now I have a stock alt, stock batt, and no big3 done. I would probably leave it that way too, if I wasn't planning on upgrading my amplifier. Shell out the extra money for this capacitor if you can. I paid 100 for my 1 farad, trust me... spend two times more and get something ten times better. You'll want the upgrade in the long run anyways.

By Brent on April 23, 2012


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No Question..This Cap Works!

If I had any question if capacitors work... this 10 farad cap has left me no doubts anymore. I have a 2013 Scion TC with stock alternator Big 3 done and an XS Power 4800 agm battery. Running Rockford T600 4 ch and a T1500 mono to a pair 10's and Focal on all four channels. I still felt like the bottom end was not right. It didn't stay hitting hard and somewhat muddy sounding. So, I finally coughed up the $200. Now the subs hit hard and stay hitting hard!! Even when I turn the subs up to clipping the clipping sounds cleaner, lmao. No question this cap made a significant difference. I won't bother looking into a high current alternator. I don't think it is necessary now. The cap is making up the difference without a doubt. Only complaint was it took over an hour to charge it up but it was worth the wait. IMHO if your running more than 500-750 total watts get this cap, you'll need it.

By MrHemi on July 14, 2013


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Problem solved!

Bought this product simply to address my headlight dimming issue. It worked! No need for big 3 wiring upgrade or new alternator. Everything looks, sounds, and works great. Couldn't be happier with the price. It's been installed for a little over a month with no issues. For reference, 12inch sub, 1500watt amp... very little trunk space left in IS 250 lol

By Tiff on October 11, 2013


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Great Price Great Capacitor

I love it it is small with great power for anyone having dimming headlight problems it is like night and day.

By Tanner on June 15, 2011


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This is legit. I have been involved in car audio for almost 20 years, I've never seen a capacitor that actually did what it is supposed to until now. Highly recommended

By tmm808 on September 15, 2013


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Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB

This so far has been a solid capacitor. No light dimming and the sound is crystal clear. I have a p600-2 and a p450-4 hooked up to it and it handles the two amps with no problems. Looks good mounted between them too.

By Smitty on February 13, 2014


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Rockford RFC10HB

So far so good on this capacitor. It's by far the nicest looking capacitor out there. It works the way it should dimming and my electrical system is running a high of 14.4 and so far nothing lower than a 13.6. I'm running a t1500-1bdcp to my T2 15 and its great.

By Natsack on September 29, 2013


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I wouldnt think it would work, but i knew rockford wouldnt let me down. no need for extra batteries this will power amps up to at least 8000watts, i have a hifonics 3200 mono block with @ 12 T2 rockford fosgate, and im just like dam!!! im shacking everbodys cars and there houses when i pass. iv got noise complaints. id reccomend to anybody

By carlos on June 26, 2012


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works great

I liked that it has distribution, for two
Amps & accepts 0 gauge wire. The stiffener also helps sound quality.

By spicoli on April 23, 2013


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nice buy

do not regret buying this piece of technology.. Nice shipping also..

By cheetamun on August 7, 2014


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As shipping ,and the cheapest in the world for the time being....thanks guys.....

Honest company. Thanks for the greatest price around.

By Aristo999 on January 29, 2012


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I own three of these now and the reason I own three is because after I bought the first one i needed more! Not because it wasn't enough but because it kicks butt! If you're serious about car audio you need this. Thanks Sonic!

By Ryan on November 2, 2011


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great product

very good cap, it enhance my system.i saw the difference when I installed it , the bass increased and the sound vas very clean. I never thought that a capacitor can affect an audio system like this!!!
and for the look Rockford Fosgate has always his class design,soft, clean, very great product.

By Dave on March 23, 2009


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Excellent product

Pros: huge capacity, has a built in distribution block for both the power and ground
Cons: none

You will not be disappointed

By William on May 21, 2014


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Amazing Product

So got the package fast as usual from Sonic, installed it with the doubt in my mind that it wouldn't work. Now bare in mind that even though I have the XS Power D4900 it still took forever to charge it. After the install I went through the regular test. Now on heavy bass note & mids & highs amp on full tilt I put my tester on the car battery & to my surprise no voltage drop. the display showed 14.2v with no music & 13.6v when the bass hits. I have a T2500BDCP & T600-4. What are you waiting for stop reading & purchse the product.

By The White Ghost on January 18, 2014


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Great PRICE ! Great product

A rockford product speaks for itself. I have no issues i got it in a timely manner and it works great.

By o1 boss on January 13, 2013


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i love it

I like it. It is very good. I just bought it from Sonic. Great packing, fast deilevery. Thank you Sonic, and thank you Rockford.

By on July 20, 2012


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Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB

Great hybrid digital capacitor. Blue led matches my Alpine amps.

By Brett on May 4, 2015


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i have one of these for the longest time and i installed it a few months back with my L7s setup. This thing give juice that no other 10 farad has shown before in my car my subs kicked so hard i couldnt keep the back seat up while driving.

if you looking to get one of these i would definately tell you to buy it

By Jason on September 10, 2011


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works great!

I am running a J L Audio 150/4 and 750/1. Very smooth power. Great for multiple amps. Worth every penny!!!!!!

By rocky on June 18, 2014


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Capacitors are worth the $

So many people bash on caps basically because they're either not using it right or just bought a cheap (flashy) one with LED lights and stuff. This thing is a true beast capacitor,I've got my RF T2500.1bdcp powered off of it with 2 runs of 1/0 and it does what it's supposed to do. Already have a Stinger 220 amp alt in truck but looking into getting a bigger Mechman alt or Excessive Amperage alt for it,also running an XS Power D3400 and D1200 together

By John on April 24, 2013


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Great Value!!!!!

This Cap is siiiiiiiiiiick. For those of you who dont know what I mean- It's simply awesome! It looks awesome and performs even better. I have this baby hooked up to two Rockford Punch P500-1bd amps (2000 watts each) pushing 4 Pioneer TS-W3002D4 subs (1000 watts RMS each) and man do these subs slam. My headlights hardly dim with a regular battery and stock alternator which is amazing considering how much power my subs and amps are using, and the only reason both aren't fried is because of this Cap. Anybody with a competition sound system in their vehicle needs to have this Cap at the heart of their system. Trust me it makes a huge difference in everything and is a steal at what Sonic is selling it for.

By Ryan on May 15, 2011


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Exceptional is all I can say!

I Will not mention the exceptional sales experience with Travis and the team @Sonic Electronix :)

Super fast shipping to Saudi in just 6 days!! Wow!!

This could be the only 10 Farad "REAL" cap I have ever tested/had. It took 30 min + to charge it! Not like others which take less than a min to reach their fake charging points

The cap will still be charging to 14.5 (or to your system limits) after you connect it and keeping the engine running for some time. After that, you will have stable, loud, clear, and consistent audio production no matter how crazy you get!

By Tarek on October 21, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great product, would buy again.

Wonderful product and easy to install. Quality product with simplifying multi amplifiers for set up...

By Jay on April 15, 2018


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Best capasitor you can buy.

This is a must have product for anyone running more than a 500 watt system. This device is as good as a secondary battery and stops ALL diming of headlights and dash lights by taking the load off of the car's battery and charging system. I highly recommend this product over a smaller rated, round style capacitor for the price. When people see this product next to your amplifier they think you are running 2 amps. The LED display is easy to read and provides peace of mind that your amplifier is getting all the power it needs to operate properly.

By Dan on March 15, 2017


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great performance

It definitely gave the boost my amps needed i have a rf 4chanell p300 and a rf t1500 pushing 2 10inch rf p3 at 2 omhs my shitt bumps hard no complaints from my rf 10 farad cap thumbs up for rockford.And I can't wait to install my mechman 240amp alternator.

By manny on January 31, 2016


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Nice power unit

Nice install options however nowhere in the instructions mentions the doors that open on the sides. Nice display and seams to have added clarity and bass. I have a system volt meter on the dash gained son stability. However I’m running 3. Interestingly it’s exactly identical to the NVX

By Charles on November 8, 2017 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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The Captain of Capacitors

I don’t mind paying for quality; rather, I prefer to spend more upfront on quality products versus buying cheap knockoffs from Brand X that advertise and can’t deliver - ultimately failing within months. With that said, the only downside to the Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB is the price. It is EXPENSIVE for a capacitor! However, given the levels of performance and durability, I have come to know and expect from Rockford Fosgate, I anticipate a problem free, long-life from the RFC10HB.

I purchased the RFC10HB as an upgrade from an older Rockford Fosgate 2 farad capacitor, the RFC2D, which never failed or gave me any problems. It simply couldn’t handle the addition of a second amplifier to my audio setup. My new P600X4 was cutting out during demand at high volumes whilst my P1000X1BD would continue to play its’ part and drive my two P3D4-15s. Quite unacceptable and terribly embarrassing when one is trying to show-off and stunt.

I unpacked, installed, charged and hooked up the RFC10HB. It is undeniably a stylish piece of equipment that compliments the aesthetic of Rockford Fosgate’s other products. Now, there is less strain on my vehicle’s electrical system, according to the voltmeter on my dashboard. Most importantly, the new cap is providing enough electrical buffer so my P600X4 doesn’t cut out. Problem solved!

Unequivocally, I am highly satisfied with my purchase of the penultimate capacitor for extreme audio. Nobody does it like Rockford Fosgate…because they can’t.

By Christopher Kennedy on January 4, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Powerfull capacitor

Pros: es tremendo capacitor. Lo recomiendo
Cons: ninguno. A buen precio! Gracias Sonic

By andres on December 10, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB 10 Farad Hybrid Capacitor

shipped fast arrived well packaged and installed working no problems. very pleased.

By Anonymous on July 10, 2018 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Rockford 10 ferret

Nice clean look easy to Install Takes the place of my second battery ????????????

By Rell on April 7, 2018


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Like having a six pack

small devise but powerful
no more worrying about battery
drained or dim lights
go anywhere listen to all of your music
without any worries
i myself have one in each of my vehicle
i highly recommended

By Kiara on May 15, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Don't Buy

not a good buy. Tweeters blew in first 3 days. Expected more froom JBL

By Jazz on May 8, 2014


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Great product

Easy install, just know that when charged you have to hook it up right away if you wait you will have to charge it again and start over. Great price on Rockford Fosgate website has it for almost 600 bucks.

By Cory on September 9, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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By Shaun-Ray on March 16, 2024 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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