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Great little amp

I bought this to run my Hertz HSK 165 components and my rear doors as well. Currently I have it connected via the High Level Inputs as opposed to RCAS and haven't had any complaints. The sound is clean, there is plenty of power available. Not much more I could ask for. I don't hear any strange sounds when it's running. It just runs and runs and runs. I don't know what else I could have expected in an amp. I will definitely use more of these.

By 2016fifteenhundred on September 6, 2016


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Decent performance and sound quality for the money

I know it's not the same thing as an old school Soundstream but it has good sound quality and powers my 3 chanel setup(2x 6.5 Polk Coaxials, 1x 10" Polk Sub) in an extended cab pickup very well.

It's not the cheapest for the wattage but it has a few extra features for adjusting and has a clean look that reminds me of my old Rubicon 502 and SA80 setup from the 90's

I have had it for 6 months with no issues. And thinking about buying the 5 channel for my car.

By Anonymous on April 18, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Seems fine

My Phoenix Gold went out in the NSX and I was limited for space, needed a 4 channel for the JL Audio set up. This amp seems to be crisp and clear, plenty of control and cuts for the freq I need in the tweets and mids.
Loads of power for the JLs so I would recommend it, slim, powerful and small for what you get,

By Tommy on November 21, 2016


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Chevy Avalanche up grade

I just had this install a couple of weeks back
It has plenty of power.
I'm glad I decided to buy this amp.

By Homeland1 on June 10, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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We put this amp on a pair of Morel 6.5s and it absolutely zings. Very clean, runs cool and easily mounts under a seat. Buy it today!

By Jeff on August 15, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Happy skeptic

Being an old school car audio person(bigger better) it is hard to accept the amount of wattage and clarity coming from such a small amplifier.This amp is half the size of my 2 channel.The controls are mounted where they are easily adjusted instead of on the ends.The last thing is to see what the durability of the unit is.Great sound quality,small size,high wattage,well designed.

By Lucius on August 6, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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By Tracy on October 1, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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