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We carry everything you need to keep your vehicle safe and sound, including car alarms, remote car starters, keyless entry, GPS vehicle tracking, and backup sensors. Aftermarket security and safety products protect your car from thieves and accidents.
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Top Sellers in Car Security, Safety & Convenience

VTL420RX, View Rearview Backup Camera Feed through Your Smartphone

• Top of License Plate Frame Mount Reverse Back Up Camera
• Waterproof
• WiFi Enabled: No wire to run



  • 5.0
2 reviews


• 2M HD Front Camera With Bulit-In DVR
• External GPS
• 3.5" Touch Screen
• Forward Collision Warning System
• Lane Departure Warning System



Resistors Pack / General Motors GM VATS Override Bypass Kit

• Resistor Pack
• General Motors GM VATS Override Bypass Kit
• Great for charging capacitors
• Package Contains 15 Resistors



BOYO Vision VTB16B

• Universal Rear View Flush Mount / Bracket Mount Backup Camera
• Wide Viewing Angle
• Reverse Imaging
• Waterproof
• Includes Bracket and Drill Bit

Add a Back-Up Camera to your Radio and Save 25%



  • 4.8
4 reviews

Remote Car Starter with Keyless Entry, Two-Way DATA port, and ASK Long Range Technology

• One Two button, One 4 Button
• ASK Long Range Technology
• 66 Bit Random Code Hopping
• 2-Push “Safety Start”
• Valet and LED Mounted in the antenna
• Dual Polarity 6 stage Programmable Door locks



  • 5.0
2 reviews

170° Flush Mount CMOS Backup Camera w/ Infra-Red Night Vision

• Flush Mount Backup Camera
• Infrared LEDs for night vision
• 170° viewing angle
• Selectable Parking Assist Lines
• Front or Reverse Facing Image
• CMOS sensor
• IP67-IP68 Waterproof Rating



9" Heavy Duty Metal Mounting Backstrap - Sold Individually

• 9" Metal Mounting Backstrap
• Heavy Duty Design



License Plate or Bracket Mount Camera Viewed Through Android or iPhone App

• License Plate or Bracket Mount Rearview Back Up Camera
• Connects to Smartphone via Wi-Fi
• Viewing App available on iOS and Android IP67 Waterproof Rating
• Resolution: 640 x 480
• Viewing Angle: 160°



Complete Two Way Security System & Keyless entry

• One 5 Button LCD 2-Way Remote Control
• One 5 Button Sleek Chrome 1-Way Remote Control
• Built-In Parking Light Relay, Programmable (+/-)
• Plug-in Dual-Zone Impact Sensor
• Two Programmable Auxiliary Channels, Pulsed, Timed and Latched (-)
• Auto Disarm with Auxiliary 1 (Trunk) Activation Programmable
• Programmable Three Stage Anti Car-Jack Feature



  • 4.4
7 reviews

2-way 4-Channel Car Alarm with 4-Button LCD, Standard Transmitter, 2 Stage Shock Sensors

• 4-Button 2-Way Paging LCD Remote Transceiver
• Intense 120 dB Electronic Siren with Optional Dedicated Horn Output
• 56 Bit Random Code Hopping
• Anti-Carjacking Feature



Only 1 Left!

GM Self Learning Passlock Override

• GM Self Learning Passlock Override
• GM Passlock 1, 2, Vats, and Ion Self Learning Digital Interface Jumper Selection



1-Way Replacement Transmitter for Select Viper Systems

• Super Code 5 Button 1-Way LE Transmitter
• 1 Way Supercode
• 1-way Replacement Remote for Select Viper Alarm Systems



  • 4.5
2 reviews

Universal Remote Start Car Alarm with Keyless Entry & Two-way Paging + LED Remote!

• ASK Long Range Technology
• 66 Bit Random Code Hopping
• Factory keyless door locking before and after start
• Code Learning / Anti-scan Receiver



  • 4.8
4 reviews

2-Way Paging Remote Start Keyless Entry Vehicle Security System

• 2-Way Paging/1-Way Keyless Entry Car Alarm
• RM4 2-Way LCD Transmitter
• 1500' Range
• Supports Up to 2 Vehicles



  • 5.0
4 reviews

All-In-One High Power Data Immobilizer Bypass, Doorlock, Security System & Remote Start Interface

• Easily Interface a Vehicle with an All-In-One Solution
• Preloaded Interface Module with Remote Start Technology
• Compatible with Most Protocols, RF-Kits and Telematic Modules
• Equipped with 5 Built-In Relays and a Collection of T-Harnesses
• Hassle-Free Installation

Add the Correct Plug & Play Harness for Your Vehicle



Universal Bypass Module for Aftermarket Stereos

•Universal bypass module for aftermarket stereos
• Emulates a parking brake signal
•ntended for use in RVs, off-road vehicles and exhibition vehicles: Other applications are illegal



  • 4.0
2 reviews

Universal Surface Mount Back-Up Camera by Audiovox

• Rear View Camera
• Universal Video RCA Composite Cable
• Wide Viewing Angle
• Adjustable Bracket Angle
• High Resolution

Free Surface Mount Backup Camera with Purchase!



Always Know where your vehicle is via Android/iPhone App or Website

• Exceptionally accurate GPS
• Great for teen driver safety
• Approved for USA and Canada
• 3-wire installation
• 90-day unlimited premier subscription included
• Compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones



3-Channel Keyless Entry Security System w/ 500' Range

• Paging Keyless Entry Car Alarm
• 4-Button LED Transmitter
• 500' Range
• Supports Up to 2 Vehicles



2-way Paging Remote Start Keyless Entry Car Alarm Vehicle Security System

• Electronic Dual-Stage Shock Protection
• DPII Technology
• 4 Remote Auxiliary Outputs
• 2 Vehicle Operation
• Multi-Zone Trigger



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Car Security, Safety & Convenience Information

Vehicle Security - Car Alarm Information:

Whether you want to guard against car-jacking or if you've loaded your car with the best equipment Sonic Electronix has to offer, you need to protect your investment by getting a car alarm. Not only will you have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle and its contents are being protected, you may even find that your insurance rates will be lower!

An alarm is an electronic device that is installed in a vehicle (car, truck, boat, motorcycle) to discourage theft of the vehicle, its contents, or both. Alarms emit high-volume sounds when someone encroaches on your vehicle. Some alarms may also trigger flashing of the vehicle's lights, and others can even notify the car's owner of a break-in via a paging system. You can also find alarms that, when triggered, will interrupt various electrical circuits in order to prevent the engine from starting. Any combination of these features help to guard against vehicle theft.

Our 2-way car alarms with keyless entry include at least one keychain remote. This gives you the ability to turn your alarm on/off, and if your vehicle is equipped with power door lock motors (actuators) you can lock and unlock your doors by pressing a button. If your vehicle has a power truck motor (solenoid), you can also open your trunk with the press of a button. This remote access allows you to quickly lock your doors and arm your vehicle with the press of a button. Upon doing so, the LED lights up in your vehicle, signaling to would-be burglars that your vehicle is armed.

Besides our 2-way alarms we also sell remote car starters, which allow you to start your vehicle's engine by touching a button on your keychain remote. If you have the heater or air conditioning running before you turn off the car, the next time you use the remote start, it will automatically heat or cool your vehicle based on your previous climate settings. Some remote car starters also feature car alarms to guard against theft. Besides being a safety feature, these remote engine starters are helpful for those who are on-the-go.

A great new technological feature is the GPS Tracking system for alarms. These systems offer 24 hour monitoring. Some require you to call in if your vehicle is stolen, while others provide information regarding the vehicle's location over the internet.

We also carry digital tilt sensors, which are designed to trigger an alarm when your vehicle is lifted by a jack or tow truck. These sensors will remember the angle of the vehicle before it is armed, and will only sound the alarm if the angle is changed. This is especially helpful for protecting your rims from being stolen.

A proximity sensor, or a field disturbance sensor, is the most effective vehicle-intrusion sensor. This dual zone radar sensor uses RF field-disturbance technology to detect high-density objects in motion. These sensors are ideal for convertibles or any application where zone-intrusion protection is desired. We also sell additional motion sensors, which are usually placed in the cargo area of large trucks and vans or near the roof and side windows in a vehicle. Further, we offer glass-break sensors which trigger the alarm siren as soon as a would-be thief breaks a window.

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