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This means that the cable will provide a charge to the iPod or iPhone while it is connected. On some cables that provide a charge, a power and ground connection will be required.
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This explains what exactly the unit integrates into your factory stereo. Some kits integrate many different features into your factory radio, while others add only one or two features to your existing factory stereo.
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This feature tells you how many devices you can connect to the unit at the same time. For example, some units allow you to connect an auxiliary input and an iPod/iPhone connection at the same time!
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This denotes whether the factory radio improvement module is an add-on tuner for an existing receiver, an FM stereo modulator, a plug-n-play installation harness, or if it is a portable module by itself.

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    All About HD Radio Adapters, Tuners & Accessories

    About HD Radio

    Experience your FM and AM broadcasts in digital quality by adding HD Radio to your car. HD Radio is widely available in major cities and continues to expand throughout the USA. With no subscription costs, this incredible service is absolutely free. Here you will find the perfect HD Radio solution for your car. Benefits of installing HD Radio in your car include higher quality music, better reception, multicasting, the reception of text and information (such as ID3 Tagging, sport scores, and weather), as well as iTunes tagging. For more information on HD Radio, head to our Knowledge Base and read the article What is HD Radio.

    A More In-Depth Look At HD Radio's Benefits:

    • Static Free Broadcasts: Digital signals are not as vulnerable to reception and interference which means clear sound without static, hiss, pops or fades.
    • Top Notch Sound Quality: FM stations have near CD like quality while AM stations sound as good as normal FM stations.
    • Remain Up To Date: Most HD radio receivers can display textual data such as artist and song information and even show updates on weather, stocks, sports and more.
    • More Radio Stations: A single HD Radio station can now have multiple mini (HD2) radio stations attached to its digital signal giving you four times more radio stations to listen to.
    • iTunes Tagging: HD Radio receivers with iPod integration allows you to Tag a song you just listened to and then have it show up for purchase in iTunes later.
    • It's FREE!: There is no monthly subscription fee for HD Radio, it is completely free to all listeners just as radio should be!
    Experience static-free reception and improved sound from participating AM and FM stations. These kits connect your factory radio through its auxiliary input or through antenna (FM modulation). Improve the sound quality of your favorite radio stations with an aftermarket HD radio car tuner. Once you hear how crisp your favorite stations sound with these HD car tuners you will never go back to regular car stereos.

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