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Boss Noise Filters

This designates the type of noise filter listed.

Ground Loop Isolators are connected in-line with the RCA interconnects or other audio cables.

Power Line noise filters connect to the power line of the receiver and help reduce noise from the source.

Pop Eliminator noise filters are designed to remove the "pop" that occasionally happens in some systems when the vehicle is turned on.

Each channel on an amplifier will power one speaker using a positive and negative cable. There are various types of amplifiers, each designed to power a certain number of speakers. Monoblock amplifiers, also known as single channel, are designed to power one or more subwoofers. These amplifiers often have very high power ratings. On the other hand, multi-channel amplifiers power multiple speakers, usually at lower power ratings. 2-Channel and 4-Channel amplifiers can power car speakers or low powered subwoofers. Occasionally you might see a 5 or 6-channel amplifier that can power speakers and subwoofers at the same time. The most common setup is a monoblock amp to run subwoofers and a 4-channel amp to run door speakers. Check out our Knowledge Base for more information.
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Boss B25N

2-Channel Ground Loop Isolator Filter

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2-Channel Ground Loop Isolator Filter

• 2-Channel Ground Loop Isolator Filter
• Blocks Ground Loops Within An Audio System
• Connection Type: RCA
• Reduces Background Noise Without Impairing Sound Quality

Boss B25N

2-Channel Ground Loop Isolator Filter


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