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JBL Bluetooth Home Speakers

JBL bluetooth home speakers are versatile, powerful, and provide easy to use controls and functionality.
This is the main color of the item.
This feature tells you if this dock will be compatible with iPhone, Android or other operating systems.
This is the configuration of the speakers in the home theater system. The more speakers, the more realistic the surround sound is.
Does not allow water to pass through the device keeping it dry.
Bluetooth® technology allows two or more electronic devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, such as using your cell phones "hands-free" or transmitting music to Bluetooth enabled receiver. If a unit is Bluetooth capable, it typically can allow you to connect to your Bluetooth cell phone to make and receive calls. Others can access your phone and address book too via Bluetooth. Other Bluetooth capable units offer even more services, such as live traffic information and map upgrades.

More uses of Bluetooth technology include transmitting music to a compatible receiver, printing wirelessly from a computer, and many other wireless uses. Please see the item description for more specific information regarding what features the unit includes.

This will designate if thedevice has a built-in microphone for the recording or transmitting of audio.
This feature refers to whether or not the receiver features an input to connect a USB device via standard USB or mini-USB. The USB input may be a connection on the front or rear of the unit with an extension cable for connecting devices to the receiver. Some units have an optional input that allows for a USB adapter to be purchased separately and used with the unit.
Uses a 3.5mm stereo jack to connect to an audio source. This is the common size found on most CD and Mp3 players, as well as most home computers.
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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

• 15 hour playtime
• Waterproof
• Powerful Sound
• JBL Connect+
• Voice Assistant integration
• Includes a carrying strap
• Multiple colors available


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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JBL Bluetooth Home Speakers Information

Pump up your home volume with JBL bluetooth home speakers. Perfect for enjoying music from your devices wirelessly, or for movie night, these bluetooth speakers are simple to setup and to enjoy. JBL doesn't just know car audio, they know bluetooth home speakers.
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