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StreetWires Ring Terminals

This is the largest gauge wire that will fit into the power and ground terminals of this device. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire is. For example, a 4 gauge wire is thicker than an 8 gauge wire and thus has higher current carrying capacity. Always do your best to get this size wire to reduce the risk of damage to your components.
This defines the amount of Ring Terminals that the package contains
This defines the type of terminal for example Crimpable, Set Screw, Solder, etc.
Does it include Heat Shrink?
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StreetWires PRI4

4 Gauge Interlok Power Ring

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4 Gauge Interlok Power Ring

Interlok Power Ring • Supports 4 Gauge Cables • Precision-Machined • Tight Contact

StreetWires PRI4

4 Gauge Interlok Power Ring


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