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    The main considerations for matching a car amplifier to a subwoofer are RMS Power Ratings, Impedance, and the type of amp. Typically, we recommend finding an amplifier that can deliver 110% of the rated power of the sub at the impedance necessary to avoid as much clipping (Distortion) as possible at the rated power. The amplifiers to consider are typically single-channel amplifiers. However, a 2-channel amp will work in low pass filter mode, and a 5-channel amp is great when you want a single amplifier to power your sub and multiple speakers. Read more about Matching Amps with Subs at the Sonic Electronix knowledge base. Read more about Matching Amps with Subs at the Sonic Electronix knowledge base.
    You can connect an aftermarket car amp to most modern OEM factory car stereos by using a Line output converter (or LOC for short). You can connect an aftermarket car audio amplifier to most modern OEM factory car stereos by using a Line output converter (or LOC for short). A LOC is engineered to convert high-level signal of your factory radio to low-level RCA signal to your amp. Further, an LOC will help make sure you do not suffer bass roll-off or other sound loss resulting from the factory stereo's preset EQ curves. An alternative to adding an LOC would be to shop for an amp with speaker level inputs (or high-level inputs); however, these solutions tend to not account for the aforementioned bass/sound-roll off with modern vehicles, and therefore is not as recommended as simply integrating an LOC with your amp.
    You can connect an aftermarket car amp to popular aftermarket car stereos by using the built-in preamp outputs of the aftermarket stereo for easy installation. This is one of the primary reasons customers love buying an aftermarket stereo when possible. However, this trend is slowing due to vehicle manufacturers making it incredibly difficult to change the factory stereo in modern vehicles.

    In addition to vehicle manufacturer challenges, if you own an aftermarket stereo that is entry-level or does not have preamp outputs, then you will need to purchase a line output converter (or LOC for short). A LOC will help deliver the proper preamp signal your amp needs as it will convert the high-level output signal from your aftermarket radio to the low-level outputs to the amplifier. There are select amplifiers that have built-in LOCs. However, they tend to be more expensive..

    Amplifiers are engineered to convert these electrical signals by a few different methods called "classes." The most common amplifier classes are A/B and D. The most popular option in amplifiers is Class D. They are the most efficient and stay cooler than Class A/B, and they have a smaller footprint so they can be installed virtually anywhere. Though Class A/B traditionally were reserved for high-fidelity applications, in today's world we see them becoming less and less popular. They are usually reserved for many entry level situations where the manufacturer wants to avoid the higher cost of a Class D chip. Read more about Amp Classes at the Sonic Electronix knowledge base.
    An amplifier will provide higher volume, more power, and less distortion. These external amps provide cleaner audio signals versus your head unit and factory equipment. Before upgrading your factory speakers, you can add an amplifier and see if there is a significant change to your speakers. Often times it is enough to bring your entire audio system to life without having to purchase additional speakers. Read more about matching speakers to car amps at the Sonic Electronix knowledge base.

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