AudioControl The Epicenter - Black

4-Channel Concert Series Parametric Bass Control

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• Black Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor
• Patented Bass Maximizer™
• 9.5Vrms Pre-amp Max Output!
• Perfect addition to all systems

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AudioControl The Epicenter - Black

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Product Highlights

• Black Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor
• Patented Bass Maximizer™
• 9.5Vrms Pre-amp Max Output!
• Perfect addition to all systems


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Authorized dealer

For over two decades, AudioControl has been designing and manufacturing award-winning auto sound products at our factory located in the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. During this period, countless sound-off winning contestants have chosen AudioControl products to give them the competitive edge. "Can you really win without AudioControl", was part of an article written commenting on competition winning systems? Nothing sounds better than an awesome recording played back on a kick-butt system. Unfortunately, the acoustics of your vehicle can take away from your system's performance. While AudioControl products do not change the laws of physics (although they act as they do), auto sound enthusiasts have long known that AudioControl products "make good stereos sound better".

The Epicenter - Bass Restoration Processor

AudioControl's legendary bass restoration circuitry, The Epicenter, brings out the best bass in any system. Whether you like rock, jazz, hip hop, country, banda, classical, CD's, MP3's, or cassettes, you will love how The Epicenter makes your system sound. More Bass... Louder!!

Patented Bass Maximizer™

The Epicenter contains a bass maximization circuit that accurately recreates and injects low-frequency information back into the signal path. What that means in everyday terms is that The Epicenter will give more bass impact to your best compact discs or even your old tapes. US Patent #4,698,842


What’s the use of having good bass if you can’t control it? The Epicenter has a unique equalization circuit that contours the restored bass to your speaker system.

Dash Mount Control

The Epicenter is designed to be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, with the exception of the front bumper or radiator. It comes with a dash mountable control that allows you to enjoy the effects of The Epicenter without having to leave the driver's seat. The dash mount control also has a dual-color LED indicator that can be rainforest green or sunshine amber. This LED will grow brighter as you add more bass or dimmer when you decrease it.

Bass Maximizer Indicator

Not only does The Epicenter Concert Series provide magic to your ears, but it also gives you some visual enjoyment as well. On the chassis of The Epicenter is a backlighted logo that flashes when the bass maximization circuit is activated. Special effects in your trunk!

PFM Subsonic Filter

This unique feature is legendary with many AudioControl fanatics for its ability to fine-tune the bass response of any system. Why waste power on nasty subsonic information when your Programmable Frequency Match (PFM) filter can help you clean things up?

Bass Output Control

The Epicenter circuitry has the ability to produce large amounts of deep, mind-shattering bass without damaging your speakers. The Bass Output Control circuit allows The Epicenter to maximize the bass output of any auto sound audio system while restraining destructive bursts.

General Features:

  • Brand new Epicenter in box
  • Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor
  • Patented Bass Maximizer™
  • Dash mount control
  • Bass restoration lighted display
  • Parametric bass control
  • PFM Subsonic Filter
  • Balanced inputs
  • Bass Output Control
  • Color: Black Blue
  • Also Available In Sierra White
  • Weight: 1.70lbs
  • Dimensions: 8"W x 5.50"D x 1.20"H
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (*when installed by an authorized AudioControl dealer)

The Epicenter Specifications

  • Maximum pre-amp input level: 9.5 Vrms
  • Maximum speaker-level input: 400 watts @ 4ohm
  • Maximum output level: 9.5 Vrms
  • Frequency response: 10 - 22,000 Hz ; ±1dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%
  • Signal to Noise ratio: -130dB
  • Balanced input noise rejection: >60dB
  • Input Impedance: 20 Kohms
  • Output Impedance: 150 Ohms
  • Power supply: High headroom PWM
  • Power draw: 285mA
  • Recommended fuse rating: 2 Amps
  • Maximum remote trigger output current: 1 Amp
  • Country of origin: U.S.A.

Check out the AudioControl The Epicenter Owner's Manual

Product history:

AudioControl Epicenter Black thumbnail
(newest, current model)
AudioControl THE EPICENTER-GRAY thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by AudioControl The Epicenter - Black)

Specifications & Details

Bass Reconstruction Processors Specifications
Amplifier Series
Concert Series
Total number of channels
Input Connection Type
Speaker Level Inputs
Output Connection Type
Maximum Input Voltage
9.5 Vrms
Maximum Output Voltage
9.5 Vrms
Adjustable Center Frequency
LED Indicators
Illuminated Logo
Bass/Gain Remote
Optional (Accessory required and sold separately)
Auxiliary Input
Total Number of Inputs
Total Number of Outputs
Preamp Outputs
1 pair
Built-in Crossover
Frequency Response
10 - 22,000 Hz
Subsonic Filter
10 - 22,000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
130 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
5 years
Labor Warranty Duration
5 years
Warranty Provider

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Model Number:

Epicenter Black



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Customer Reviews

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great buy

I would recommend this product to anyone professional or amateur who loves car audio and need a great bang at a reasonable price .I installed this epicenter to work with my RE audio xxx 12inch sub and a hifonics monoblock amplifier. Not only did it meet my expectations but surpassed them as well it replaced those low frequencies that could not have been heard otherwise in my R&B tracks but it also inhanced my bass all together .I can't picture ever having a system in my car without audio control epicenter being a part of the set up.its easy to intall but a bit tricky with the actually tunning of it but what I found worked is to set both the knobs in the center it sounds great there then you can play with it as time goes by until you get the hang of it .thanks sonic for sending me another great product all the way here in sunny Barbados .

By pig tails on March 25, 2017


found this helpful.

Low End Bohemoth!!!

This product enhances low frequencies producing earth shattering DEEP bass!!! There are a few caveats.

1) The music you listen to does make a difference. With the stock PFM (33hz) module modern music may sound noticeably different. This is because the new frequencies produced by the epicenter are below 33hz.

2) Adjusting the RCA voltage may help enhance the sound if your amp can take 7.5 volts or higher.

3) I purchased a 15hz PFM module and it still wasn't low enough for the particular rap music I listen to. Specifically, "Trunk Make Noise" by Trae.

BOTTOM LINE - The EPICENTER works!!! If your music sounds different consider purchasing another PFM module directly from Audio Control. For most of us audiophiles you will probably need to build a custom PFM module to allow those ultra low frequencies to pass through. I would gestimate around 8 to 10 hz would probably be the ultimate PFM module for all types of music, especially modern production. Of course if you listen to music with little to no bass the stock PFM module will be fine. Overall 4.6 stars! If this had a subsonic filter built in it would be 5 stars.

By Jonathan on February 4, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Audio Control Excellence By Design.

The very first Audio Control Equalizer/Line Driver component I purchased 15 years ago is still delivering high quality audio performance today. From my first impressions of the Epicenter Concert Series, I expect the same long term performance in bass restoration. The pros of this piece begins with a well made circuit board and its precision components laid out to utilize the space available for a compact fit. The components are enclosed inside a sturdy housing with a durable finish and sharply detailed lettering. The inputs/outputs are positioned for easy installation and the rotary controls feel very precise and smooth. The provided instructions make the installation, initial setup and operation easy to understand. The overall performance is impressive and it delivers detailed bass frequencies that I didn’t know were missing before I got the Epicenter. For the cons list it’s empty for now but time will be the best test.

By AnalogDan on March 22, 2018


found this helpful.

wish i would have bought this a long time ago

after all this years of being into car audio i never used an epicenter. I herd my friends knockoffs and didnt sound good to me so I never bother. I decided to give the audio control epicenter a try since I have used other AC products.when i first hooked it up i was impressed with the bass and how hard it hit. It took my oldies and spanish music to another level and alternative music. for those that say that it takes the bass on songs thay already have bass thats because of the subsonic filter but once you swapp it out for a lower filter it does make a difference. also note that it has to be tune properly otherwise it will get your subs stinky.

By Alex on October 26, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Excelente Desempeño

Si quieres mejorar tu sistema de audio en referencia a los graves, este producto es el mejor.

By Oscar on November 5, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Great Value

Great quality material that is durable. Easy to install and balance of sound is amazing.

By MoMo on March 15, 2018


found this helpful.

Really makes rock songs hit hard

Adds bass to songs that didn't have a lot of bass. Now my old "Guns N Roses" songs have the bass to match all the treble. Adds a dimension to the songs that I never thought was possible. I added it to an old school punch 45, and it makes 2-15s sound great. I'll be ordering more for my other vehicles.

By Mike on April 30, 2018


found this helpful.


I would recommend this product for sure!! I owed one of these several years ago and forgot how fun they are

By steve on December 8, 2017


found this helpful.


Ok well this is the way to go without missing the target. I never had a bad expierence with audio control products and when it comes to bass restoration units this is the best out there to me...

By Machete on January 16, 2017


found this helpful.

Great product

As is expected from audio control this is a superb product for anyone who enjoys low deep bass.

By Anonymous on May 31, 2019 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

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