Audiobahn ATB10T

10" Flat-Bottom Bass Cylinder Sub + Enclosure

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10" Flat-Bottom Bass Cylinder with Flame Grill

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  • Flat-Bottom Bass Cylinder with Flame Grill and Audiobahn subwoofer loaded
  • 10" 300 Watts RMS Power Handling
  • 4 Ohm Impedance
  • High Quality Construction
  • Rear Facing Tuned Port
  • Black Suppleather Covering
  • Chrome Plated Flame Grille
  • Bumped Back Plate
  • Extended & Vented Pole Piece
  • Gold Binding Post Terminals
  • 1-year warranty

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This sub bumps for the money

This is a very handsome enclosure with an awesome sub in it. Everything about it says quality. Easy to use 4 ohm terminals. I've been running it at 300w rms and it has always been strong. I will say that this sub is better for rock/metal type music. The bass is very tight. If you listen to lots of rap/hip-hop, it will give lots of bass, but you're better off with the 12" version of this.

By Susan on September 16, 2005


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Great sub for a small space

I bought this sub because of the price and the fact that it would fit in the trunk of my 2-door Chevy Tracker (which is very small). I also purchased an Audiobahn A8002T amplifier from Sonic Electronix. I could not be happier with the sound that these two make together. My brother-in-law couldn't believe how close this sounded to his system with 2-12 inch subs. If you are tight on funds or don't have much space, this is the perfect sub for you.

By Curt on January 16, 2006


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great sound, small package

This Audiobahn 10" bass tube is great for the price. I just installed one in my 02' Mustang GT drop top and it was a definite up grade from my Mach 1 sound system. It fits just about anywhere and is very easy to hook up.

By Justin on September 12, 2005


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