Pioneer AVIC-F500BT

5.8" TFT-LCD Portable GPS Navigation System with A/V Playback and Built-in Bluetooth Hands-Free Technology

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AVIC-F Series Portable GPS Navigation • 5.8" LCD Touchscreen display • 32,768 Customizable illumination colors • 12 Million points of interest • Built-in Bluetooth, iPod Ready Direct Connection, SD and 3.5mm AV Aux Inputs • Backup camera ready • 3.5mm Output

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We all know that the Pioneer AVIC-D3 was a great product. What could ever replace Pioneer's AVIC-D3? The feature-packed AVIC-F series in-dash navigation will certainly be this outstanding replacement and much, much more for many years to come!

The AVIC-F500BT is a new twist in the design. It is not an in-dash receiver with navigation, but rather a portable GPS navigation device with in-dash receiver features. Measuring at only an 1" thick, the AVIC-F500BT is an excellent and versatile GPS system.

Integration is a crucial element to the AVIC-F Series design, just like the old AVIC-D3. This portable GPS navigation unit has an entirely new look with a much more minimalistic and upgraded look. Users are given the choice of 32,768 customizable illumination colors, allowing this GPS unit to look good with any on-dash mount in any vehicle

HDD Navigation
Where the AVIC-D3 failed, the AVIC-F units will triumph. The AVIC-D3's obsolete DVD-based GPS navigation system has been replaced by an all new hard drive based GPS software that holds over 12 million points of interest. No more shuffling navigation discs, no more stopping or pausing your music! Users will also experience a much smoother and faster response system while navigating since everything has already been preloaded onto the hard drive. In addition, the built-in navigation is at an "always-on" power state that is always ready to go when you are.

Bluetooth, iPod, USB, so... what more can you ask for?
The AVIC-F500BT has built-in Bluetooth technology that allow users to make hands-free phone calls with caller ID and call status displayed on the screen. You won't have to buy any additional accessories or add-ons. It is also capable of controlling any iPod audio or video sources through its USB port that supports other media devices that contains AAC, MP3, and WMA files.

Conversational Voice Command
The unique voice control technology is found built-in with each of the AVIC-F units. You can now control what music you want to play without even the push of a button. You could simply say "Play artist Chris Brown" and it will play all songs with that artist. In addition, you could likewise do the same for hands-free dialing. What's unique about the voice command feature is its ability to decipher pausing words or fill-in words such as "ummm, uhhh... the uhhhh..." It will still recognize names even if you say "Call uhhh Alison" If phonebook entry Alison has more than one number, the AVIC-F unit will ask "Found three numbers for Alison, which would you like to dial?" It's almost like a SCIFI movie or something from iRobot. This breakthrough feature will definitely impress you and everyone else riding in your car!

MSN Direct
The AVIC-F500BT features the innovative built-in MSN Direct receiver which could display traffic information, movie times, weather, and much more! It is capable of receiving data for most major US cities and will display corresponding information on the screen. You'll never be late to a movie again, you'll always be able to avoid traffic jams, and you'll always know what to expect from the weather on your next road trip!

General Features:

  • AVIC-F Series Portable GPS Navigation
  • 5.8" LCD Touchscreen display
  • 32,768 Customizable illumination colors
  • Dimensions: 7-1/4"L x 3-7/8"W x 1-1/8"H
  • 1-year warranty

Navigation Features:

  • 12 Million points of interest
  • Built-in TeleAtlas map database, covering all US states, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii
  • Text-to-speech technology
  • 3D Landmark icon displays
  • Receives traffic information, weather forecasts, gas prices, and even movie times while navigating through MSN Direct technology
  • POI creator interface (allow users to set their own POI location)
  • "Always-on" Navigation with no need for navigation discs

Media and Expandability Features:

  • Bluetooth Ready: Built-in Bluetooth technology with integrated microphone and voice command controls and dialing
  • iPod Ready: Pioneer CD-IU200VM iPod adapter is required and sold separately
    • Compatible iPods using Direct Connection:
      • iPod Video: 5th Generation
      • iPod Classic
      • iPod Touch
      • iPod Nano: All models
  • Information Connectivity: Built-in MSN Direct Tuner for traffic updates, movie times, weather, and more!
  • Auxiliary input: SD Card and 3.5mm AV (headphone jack) allows connection to portable media storage and devices such as MP3 players, etc.
  • Backup Camera Ready: Pioneer ND-BC2 standard backup camera or Pioneer ND-BC20PA backup camera with Parking Assistant are required and sold separately
  • Capable of easy integration to factory audio system (Pioneer ND-G500 4-channel gateway amplifier required and sold separately)
  • MP3 ID3 Tag Display (Title/Artist/Album)
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack output
Read more details about the Pioneer AVIC-F500BT in our blog.

Specifications & Details

Portable GPS Features
Screen Size
Resolution (pixels)
800 x 480 
Built-In Antenna
Built-In Compass
Built-In Altimeter
MP3 Playback
WMA Playback
3.5mm Stereo Jack
A/V Input
Yes, 1 A/V Input
USB Port
Bluetooth Connectivity
Traffic Tuner
MSN Direct Traffic Tuner (Subscription Required)
Navigation Features
Portable Navigation Use
Complete 50 USA
Map Database
Tele Atlas
Map Source
Built-In Flash Memory
Map Dimensional Display
Customizable POI
Points of Interest
12 Million
Search Options
Phone Number
Point-of-Interest (POI) Name
Point-of-Interest (POI) Vicinity
Points-of-Interest (POI) Type
Speed Display
Warranty and Return Policy

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Lots of features

This product has a lot of features. The only complaint I have is the map updates. I've gotten lost around Downtown Dallas because of the new roads. Other than that, I love it!

By Infiniti on March 21, 2009


found this helpful.

Pioneer AVIC-F500BT

This product is good. it is very easy to use. I like how you can see everything on the screen. This GPS has the great touchscreen modification and also the hands free blue tooth technology. It can read your SD card and also it can play back MP3 and WMA also. I give this product a 10/10

By Kisan on November 19, 2008


found this helpful.

Portable and Full featured

This has a ton of amenities that other GPS' do not. I had Premium Pioneer in-dash touch screen that was stolen and wanted all of its features replaced in a portable unit. This delivered almost all of them. I would have liked more accessories hook ups to be on the mount side versus the actual GPS itself. Only down fall is that the zoom is extremely sensitive (zooms 4 or 5 times in or out to one touch). The screen did scratch relatively quick but I was using my finger nail and not a stylus.

By Matt on October 26, 2009


found this helpful.

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