Horntones FX-550 -- Give your ride a voice!

Patented, Universal Vehicle Full-Range Horn Speaker System Like a Ringtone for Your Cell Phone, a Horntone for Your Vehicle

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Customizable, MP3-based amplified vehicle full-range horn speaker system that blares any MP3 snippet or file when you push your horn • Generates 110dB+ SPL • Includes 27 pre-installed tones • 256MB of memory to store hundreds of tones • Access to Horntones database containing over a thousand free downloadable tones

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The Horntones FX-550 is the one and only full-range, MP3 enabled vehicle horn system that comes complete with a full-range 110dB+ horn speaker, amplifier, and a control system that stores and plays pre-loaded and custom MP3 files through your horn speaker. It plays voice files, music, tones, and any other creative audio file you want with a loud, "ringtone" for your car that you can play at any moment! The FX-550 generates 110db+ of sound pressure and comes with 27 tones pre-installed. Additionally, you can download other free tones to your control unit via USB from Horntones website AND you can upload your own files to the system on their website too!

The FX-550 system is universal and a simple, straight forward installation, similar to a car amplifier install. With 27 "Horntones" factory-loaded and with additional tones available on our website, the possibilities are endless! Some examples include pranking your friends, scaring cows (with the "moooo" cow ringtone), uploading your favorite song, and making your vehicle "talk" through the horn speaker. Because this system is patented and fully customizable, you can be sure that you will have a one-of-a-kind system. Additionally, because the horn is a full-range speaker, this system is ideal for those out there that want crystal clear, LOUD messages blared out from their vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Three part system:
  1. Main player/receiver that fits on, in or under your dashboard (Click here to read more on the main player)
  2. Audio amplifier that provides power to the full-range horn speaker
  3. Rugged, weatherproof FULL-RANGE horn speaker that mounts under your hood, in the wheel well, or anywhere else you would like to mount it.
  • Creating your own Horntones is easy as you simply upload your MP3 file(s) to the Horntones website, then transfer them to your Horntone control unit using a USB thumb drive. There is NO NEED TO REMOVE the control unit player from your vehicle!
  • Click here for an interactive demo of the Horntones!
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty
  • Main Player Details:

    The Horntones FX-550 player is the heart of the system and is the primary user interface. It has 256 megabytes of flash memory to store up to hundreds of Tones (depending on the length of the audio clips utilized). It features a blue LCD display and has 9 preset buttons. Each button can play a different Tone for the selected Theme. It also has a USB port that is used loading new Themes and Tones. Two negative-trigger inputs are also provided for future use to interface with your extra buttons or other compatible devices.

    The Horntones player is "Plug-n-Play" out of the box. The FX-550 player is factory programmed with 27 Horntones, wrapped into three Themes. You can add additional tones from the Horntones library of tones or you can create your own tones by using any MP3 audio editing software. New tones are transported from your computer to the FX-550 Player using a standard USB thumb drive. You never need to remove the player from your vehicle!

    Because the FX-550 has 256 megabytes of memory and only 9 preset buttons, Horntones has a feature to organize your tones into "Themes". Themes allow you to save a set of 9 tones per Theme name. This allows you to use your FX-550 for in a wide variety of situations. Some example Themes include: TailgateParty, CarShow, Raiders, Carpool, Traffic, Politics, Advertisements or whatever creative ideas you may have!

    Adding new Tones and Themes to your FX-550 is easy and similar to adding MP3s to an iPod or other MP3 player. By using the Horntones.com "Virtual Player", you can fully configure your FX-550 Player online. You can create new Themes and assign new Tones to each of the 9 presets for every Theme. Once you are satisfied with a Theme, you simply press the "Save to Theme to USB Drive" button, and save the resulting file to a standard USB drive in the Horntones proprietary file format.

    You then take the USB drive to your vehicle and plug it into the FX-550 Player. The player will then automatically load your new Theme, Tones and settings.... It's that easy!

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    I opted to have a professional install for this item and I was glad I did. Although it was not exceptionally difficult to do the minimal wiring involved, I just didn't want to mess around with the placement of the speaker in the front of the grill. Overall, the unit works great and makes for a very unique car. I have a 2010 Transformers Camaro that is fully tricked out. Imagine when you drive by a group of kids and they see the car. They tug on mommy's shirt, but she is too busy to care. Press button number three for my personally loaded version of the Decepticon Hacking signal and mommy immediately stops what she is doing, whips her head around and does a double take. If I were to make one major improvement, I would do away with the hardwired control head and go with a wireless version. That would make this unit absolutely the best.

    By PW on December 26, 2010


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    Incorrect List Price

    This is a great option if you want a custom vehicle horn. It's easy to install and set up with a basic understanding of vehicle and automotive wiring. It also comes with a great set of instructions.

    Definitely worth giving this system a try if you're even just a little bit curious.

    By JD on October 26, 2011


    found this helpful.

    Controller needs to be updated

    A lot of fun, works great. Can be used for fun, good, or evil. Should only be used for fun and the good of mankind. Company has integrity as they worked with me on an issue, and it is a quality product. My only complaint is that the contoller inside the vehicle is a first generation late 90s technology. It would be much better with a more modern controller, more buttons, bigger screen that better identifies the various sounds, or better yet a touch screen. It also takes too long to switch to another menu....when driving and wanting to honk a special honk it takes too long to find the right horn sound. Installation directions could also be improved to be more user-friendly.

    By Fit123 on November 16, 2011


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    great deal

    Having a blast with this unit lots of laughs and tons of comments from walkers.

    By shane on August 9, 2012


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    Versatile horn with one disadvantage

    This is the most versatile horn on the market. Instead of having a musical horn, a wolf whistle, a old time horn etc here it's all packed in one unit. Mine came with 40 preinstalled sounds. Rather easy to install it, if you ever have installed a stereo into you car, it's about same level on it. I am impressed about the loudness, the musical horn sounds just like it was from one of the real compressor driven musical horn kits. It has 10 horn buttons that gives you easy and fast access to the sound you want to play. But sometimes 10 isn't enough, especially not when it takes a few seconds to switch to a different sound bank and you have to take your eyes of the road while doing it. So if they ever do a second version with more horn buttons I will order it at once. You have to remember yourself which button has a certain sounds, cause the screen gives no info on this. The great disadvantage is that when you go to Horntones website to upload more sounds, you have to pay a credit (one credit = one usd) to upload the sound you want. For a horn in this price range the software should have been included and free. I haven't done it yet, but the day I does it I will carefully think over what horn sounds I want on which button and then just change it once. And it get's extra tricky for me that lives overseas and they just accept credit cards issued by banks within the united states of america. But except that, it gives my van the little extra I have been searching for and I love the horn.

    By Steffe on May 13, 2012


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