12V High Performance AGM Power Cell Battery for Systems Up To 600 Watts

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• For Systems Up To 600 Watts
• 20 AH
• Absorbed Glass Matt Technology
• Extreme Heat Resistance
• Super Low ESR
• 100% Sealed and Maintenance Free

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Product Highlights

• For Systems Up To 600 Watts
• 20 AH
• Absorbed Glass Matt Technology
• Extreme Heat Resistance
• Super Low ESR
• 100% Sealed and Maintenance Free


SHURiKEN AGM Car Audio Power Cell

This SHURiKEN 12-Volt Car Audio Power Cell features a sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design and is perfect for 600-watt car audio sound systems. The SK-BT20 can be used as a replacement for your vehicles standard battery or as an additional battery to provide the extra power needed for a high performance aftermarket system. It's unique spill free design allows this power cell to fit in most factory battery locations with no hazardous leaks.

SHURiKEN's SK-BT20 Power Cell has a 20 amp hour rating and will resist extreme heat conditions and vibrations and is 100% sealed in a reinforced ABS plastic case. SHURiKEN has designed this power cell to be used with ring terminals or a buss bar. You will love the way SHURiKEN batteries get your system powered up and ready to go!

Battery Features:

  • 12V High Performance AGM Car Battery
  • For use with audio systems up to 600 watts
  • Engineered specifically to meet the needs of a high end audio system
  • Using AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology allows the battery to be mounted in any position
  • Unique spill free design
  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Resistant to heavy vibrations
  • Super low ESR
  • Packed closely with pure lead plates
  • 100% Sealed and maintenance free
  • Designed to be used with ring terminals or a buss bar
  • SAE Posts available: Shuriken SK-SAE20
  • Wing Nuts with Posts available: Shuriken SK-WN120
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

Battery Specifications:

  • Amp Hours: 20
  • Compatible System Wattage: 600
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 3"D x 7.5"W x 6.5"H

Specifications & Details

General Features
Cranking Amps
Amp Hours (AH)
Maximum System Wattage
600 watts
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Item Details


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Product and How-to Videos

  • Shuriken Car Batteries from Metra at SEMA 2009
  • Shuriken High Performance Car Batteries

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Customer Reviews

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Better than any cap can ever do

If you need more power and your headlights dim from those darn caps then get one of these because it will solve your issues. 1200 watts rms and under hands down. DON'T GET A CAP GET THIS. My voltage with cap: 11.3 volts drop. With this: 13.5 on 1150rms in a honda civic with stock alt and batt and 4 gauge. Boom! There it is. NO Brainer and Sonic is a great company that supplies great products, thanks guys!!

By Nate on June 17, 2012


found this helpful.

Great battery

This battery is great! I have 3 of these in my 1993 Honda and it pounds. 2 Orion hcca pros and 2 massive audio n4!!

By Bigsnooo on February 5, 2012


found this helpful.

Great battery!

I got this to replace the old lead acid battery in my CRX and it's a great battery. I relocated it to the compartment behind my seats and it fits great. I've never had any problems with it, and I'm using it as the main battery for my car.

By Matthew on August 24, 2010


found this helpful.

Great value and Service!

I recently purhased 2 Shuriken SK-BT20 batteries. One of them failed for some odd reason. I contacted Sonic and they immediately arranged for a return. I received the replacement battery in a very short time. These batteries are very well made and the AGM constuction allows for several installation options.

By Baja on July 23, 2013


found this helpful.

Serious Charge

I use this battery to power two on-board air compressors for air bag suspension on my "pimped-out" caravan. The voltage usually sits at about 12.8~13vdc and never sags below 12vdc whenever my compressors kick in. Did I forget to mention, all my audio is powered off this same little battery. I added a disconnect relay between my main battery and the Shuriken which is controlled by a switch so I can charge the battery when I'm driving or I can let it stand alone for a while and it does a good job. Well worth the money, I will buy more as needed for my other vehicles.

By Michael on August 19, 2012


found this helpful.

Plenty of power

I have this little guy in an icechest radio powering a kenwood kac-8405 amp pushing a pair of Polk db6901 speakers and a 10" sub. It will play at super loud volumes for at least 6 hrs. I haven't seen how much longer it will go. It charges fast and weighs almost nothing. I replaced a 45lb marine battery with this and am much happier when I have to lug around my radio. There are 2 audio shops in town with this battery and they want $145 for it. Sonic Electronix has the best prices I have seen anywhere.

By Lucas on March 6, 2012


found this helpful.

Works well

This is a great battery! It's sealed lead acid, so it can be installed at any angle. I use this battery to power a digital media player and small amplifier with two 6 by 9 inch speakers in a standalone "boombox" audio unit. The battery lasts a really long time, and I've never had a problem with it.

By Paul on October 11, 2011


found this helpful.

Great battery, love it

I recommend the battery, it stopped my voltage drop! If you have voltage drop, get this!

By Daniel on May 2, 2012


found this helpful.

Works great!

These batteries are fantastic. Don't let the small size fool you. I'm using two of these together with my stock battery to run a 2400w rms amp and voltage is always above 12.5 at full (clear) volume. My only issue is that the posts on them are kinda small and use a small Philips type bolt but it works ok.

I've been an installer for over 15 years and definitely recommend these.

By pcguy on October 29, 2012


found this helpful.

Nice little battery!

I've had it since January 2013. Ordered from Sonic. I was building my first music system for my car and had the Pioneer DEH-15UB HU,
Pioneer 6 1/2 speakers in the front doors, Sony Xplot 6 X 9 speakers on the Rear Deck, the Alpine MRP-F300 4 ch amp and two 10" Sony
Xplod subwoofers in a sealed enclosure.

I was going through blogs and reviews about Voltage drop, headlight dimming, and the discharge of the main Battery when the Bass hits.
I was considering purchasing a capacitor because I wanted my music to sound great and was afraid of draining the main battery. My
neighbor had a two amp system with a 6 Farad capacitor in his car, and it looked great. He kept telling me that he usually spent
much time listening to music with the engine off and that he would never had a problem.

Going through the Sonic's webpage, I discovered the vast array of AGM batteries available and after some thinking I decided to try.
I purchased this BT-20 'cause of the price and I knew I did not have a 2000+ watt system. I took it to AutoZone for a pro
installation and they installed the battery in the trunk, in parallel with the main battery without an isolator.
The experience was great. My music sounded with an extra punch and I used to test the music at loud volume for extended periods and
it never discharged.

Today I'm using a 2 amp system. I'm still using the Pioneer DEH-15UB. In the front doors I have 6.5" mid woofers, the same 6 X 9
speakers on the Rear Deck. They are connected to the same Alpine V-Power 4 ch. Plus I'm using one of the 10" subs in a vented
enclosure on the floor behind the driver's seat, and it's connected to the Boss Phantom 1502MW Mono power amp. The two amps connected
to this BT-20 which is now located inside the car, hidden, beyond the area where the passenger rest their feet. I have everything
inside the car, the amplifiers under the seats.

I added the NVX BIR80 80 amp isolator. the experience is even better. The music sounds awesome. It's loud and clear, no distortion.
And I always push it, listening to music for 2 hours or so with the engine off. The 4 ch amp is rated at 300 watts RMS and the mono amp,
350 watt RMS when driving a single 4 ohm sub. That's pretty much the load I'm placing onto the BT-20.

I haven't actually measured the voltage when driving the two amps, but according to what I hear when I listen to music, it's all good. I
cannot say how long it takes to fully recharge it, but I've never had a problem.

I recommend this Shuriken BT-20. It works for me. It has never been fully discharged yet. It's driving my two power amplifiers well. The
music sounds great, with that extra punch. Plus the main battery draining is not a concern anymore, hehehe.

By Ronald on July 23, 2013


found this helpful.


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