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Remote Start System for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Smartphones (DroneMobile)

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SmartPhone Interface • Remote Start • Keyless Entry • Trunk Release • Panic • GPS Tracking • Maintenance Reminder • Alerts/Reporting • Curfew Violations • Geofence • Low Battery Alert • Point of Interest • Web Control • Multiple Vehicle Control

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The remote start and or alarm module is needed and sold separately.
Only the GPS Tracking and Maintenance reminder features will work without the remote start or alarm.

With DroneMobile there is no need to carry an additional transmitter for remote start or locking and unlocking your vehicle; use your iPhone instead. In addition to basic vehicle control, the app offers expanded control over sliding doors, heated seats, vehicle security, and much, much more.

Ever wanted to locate or track your vehicle? Simply click the Map icon within the DroneMobile app for your vehicles current location displayed on a map. Along with your vehicle's location, you can view any available vehicle status information, such as your vehicle’s battery voltage, temperature, alarm status, speed and more.

Would it be nice to know if your factory or aftermarket alarm went off? View the latest in push alerts by clicking the Alerts icon for detailed alert information, such as the zone triggered, vehicle name and time of alert.

A Firstech remote start system must be installed to utilize all DroneMobile features. DroneMobile may be used with an aftermarket remote start.

Remote Start Features:
  • Tired of getting into a hot or cold vehicle? Cool your car in the summer and warm it in the winter with the DroneMobile app
  • Compatible with most remote start brands; however expanded features are available when DroneMobile is installed with a compatible CompuStar remote start system (
  • 2 Way confirmation displayed on app
  • Start error notification alerts
  • Compatible with any brand remote starter that has a "start activation input"
Keyless Entry Features:
  • Lock your keys in your car? Unlock them anywhere that has cellular coverage with the DroneMobile app. The lock/arm and unlock/disarm feature does not require an aftermarket alarm or remote start system. The DR-1000 has dedicated outputs that can be wired directly into most vehicles. For expanded functionality, such as remote start and security, a compatible remote start/alarm is required.
  • 2 Way confirmation displayed on app
  • Separate lock and unlock buttons
Trunk Release Features:
  • Hands full and need to open your trunk or power hatch? Instead of fishing for your keys, and dropping what you’re carrying, tap the trunk release button on your DroneMobile app. Your trunk will open so you can easily place your belongings in your vehicle.
  • 2 Way confirmation displayed on app
Panic Features:
  • DroneMobiles panic feature will draw attention to you and your vehicle by setting off your vehicles horn or aftermarket siren. When used as a safety feature, it will help protect you and your family from any suspicious characters near your vehicle.
  • Ever park in a large parking lot and can’t find your vehicle? The panic feature can be used as vehicle locater. Simply tap the siren button your app and your vehicles parking lights will flash and the horn or aftermarket siren will sound. For an advanced car finder feature, you can also use the GPS Tracking function.
  • 2 Way confirmation displayed on app
GPS Tracking Features:
  • GPS Tracking is one of the most exciting features of DroneMobile. This is truly the ultimate in convenience and vehicle security.
  • Through the Dronemobile app, easily track your vehicles current location on a map. Along with the vehicles location, view any available vehicle status information, such as the vehicle’s battery voltage, temperature, alarm status, and more. With GPS, DroneMobile has the option to receive important alerts, such as geo-fencing, points of interest, theft, towing, curfew violations, speed violations, low battery and service reminders.
  • Own a small business and need to track your assets. With DroneMobile you can. Add multiple vehicles to one account. If there isn’t a compatible app for your phone, don’t worry, you can access all of the GPS Tracking information from any internet connection. View the Web Control feature screen for more details.
  • One touch direction to and from vehicle and phone
  • One touch vehicle status page
  • GPS tracking can be enabled with or without a remote start and/or security system
  • Premium Plan Required
Maintenance Reminder Features:
  • If you have multiple vehicles or a busy schedule, DroneMobile will alert you when scheduled maintenance is due. For example, easily configure your account to send you an alert every 3000 miles as a reminder to change your oil.
  • Mileage and date reminders
  • Customizable vehicle/asset names
  • Perfect for families with multiple vehicles or small fleets
  • Premium Plan Required
Alerts/Reporting Features:
  • The DroneMobile app will alert you with a variety of security and GPS notifications. You can easily turn your notifications on/off within the application or website. DroneMobile is the perfect addition to any factory or aftermarket security system. With DroneMobile’s push alert notification technology, you will be notified anywhere that has cellular coverage right on your iPhone.
  • Security/alarm alerts are included with the basic service plan (1 year free with every unit). All GPS related alerts require the premium plan. You do not need an aftermarket alarm or remote start system for alerting; however when installed with a compatible CompuStar system you will receive more detailed alerts. For example, when installed with a CompuStar system DroneMobile can distinguish between car call, first stage shock, second stage shock, ect. – whereas when installed with a different brand and/or connected to a factory alarm, you will be alerted “Alarm Trigger” only.
  • Alert/notification examples: Low battery voltage*, Service reminder*, Speeding in excess of (XX)*, Curfew violation*, Reached (destination)*, Left (destination)*, Geofence violation*, Car call*, Alarm trigger, Alarm trigger: first stage shock, Alarm trigger: second stage shock, Alarm trigger: tilt sensor
  • Premium plan required for select features (alarm alerts included free with basic plan)
Curfew Violations Features:
  • Want to be alerted if your vehicle is operating before or after a pre-set time? DroneMobile allows you to set up custom curfew violations. Perfect for teen drivers and small fleets to help maintain piece of mind and overhead costs.
  • Premium service required
Geofence Features:
  • Protect your vehicles with DroneMobile's Geofence feature. Geofence allows you to set a "digital fence" around a point of interest like your home or work. This tells you when your vehicle enters and leaves the set perimeter.
  • Premium service required
Low Battery Alert:
  • The DroneMobile app will alert you when your vehicle’s battery becomes low to help eliminate dead batteries and other surprises. The low battery alert is also an excellent security feature; would be thieves have been known to cut the main power to your battery in an effort to disable factory and aftermarket alarms.
  • Premium service required
Point of Interest Features:
  • Need to keep track of employees or teen drivers? With DroneMobile’s point of interest alerts, you can easily set up and turn on/off POI alerts. POI’s will alert you when your vehicle(s) arrive and depart a pre-determined location.
  • Premium service required
Web Control Features:
  • If you don’t have an iPhone you can still purchase DroneMobile for your vehicle. DroneMobile can be accessed through any web browser on a smartphone or computer. Most importantly, if your phone battery dies you’ll still be able to have control over your vehicle(s).
Multiple Vehicle Control Features:
  • Have more than one vehicle that you want to add DroneMobile to? Add as many vehicles as you want to your account. Easily toggle between each vehicle within the preference settings on your app. Regardless of the vehicle selected, you will receive important alerts and notifications for every vehicle on your account
  • One app to control multiple vehicles
  • Receive alerts for multiple vehicles

Product history:

Compustar DR-2000 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
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(previous model, replaced by Compustar DR-2000)

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