2-Channel 300W (150W Per Channel) Premium, Super Low Distortion Adjustable LOC

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• 2-Channel Premium Adjustable Line Output Converter
• 3:1 Step Down With Adjustable Output
• 300w Total Maximum Input (150w Per Channel)
• Super Low Distortion

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Add An Amplifier To Your Stereo System!

The NVX XPLOC2 Premium line-out converter is the perfect solution for adding an aftermarket amplifier to your stock or aftermarket stereo system. The XPLOC2 handles a large amount input power (300 watts total, 150 per channel) uses the signal from your stock stereo or amplifier by tapping into the stock speaker wire and converting it to a 2-channel RCA signal output. This allows you to add an amp simply and effectively. It features a 3:1 Step down with an adjustable gain output, DC amplifier turn-on trigger and a 150 watt maximum input. The end result is a high quality line out converter with super low distortion, and as with all NVX products the engineering and build quality is second-to-none.

Product Features:

  • 2-channel High-powered, 300w Total Maximum Input (150w per channel)
  • Premium adjustable line output converter with digital noise filter and line driver
  • 3:1 Step Down With Adjustable Output
  • DC Amplifier Turn On Trigger
  • Super Low Distortion
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Specifications & Details

Line Out Convertor Specifications
Number of Channels
Speaker Level Input Wattage/Voltage
300 watts
Line-Out Converter Features
Turn on Mode
DC Offset
Selectable Impedance Load
Remote bass/level controller
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Item Details



Model Number:




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Customer Ratings & Reviews

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great for the price

I bought this item about a month ago and i really like the product. I have had no distortion from my subs. Getting the grounds right and setting up the wires was a small task, but well worth it. I never even adjusted the output frequency on the channels and they sound great.

By steven on January 15, 2014


found this helpful.

It works

Not sure what else to say other than it works. I wanted to ad a subwoofer to my factory system and this did the trick.

By Doug on April 18, 2014


found this helpful.

Good product

I wanted to add a sub in my car without changing the factory radio this product was the solution,very easy to intall.

By fernando on January 27, 2015


found this helpful.

Great Performance at a Great Price

I am using the XPLOC2 to convert the second set of speaker outputs from an ancient but excellent audio system/amplifier to input into a modern powered TV Soundbar. The unit functions perfectly and was easy to set up. The sound exiting from the soundbar is not distorted and is free of noise, static or hiss. I did need to turn up the volume control on the amp to about 40% to produce a strong signal for the soundbar input. While connections were straightforward, the instruction sheet could have been more explanatory. I had no need of the ground wires and did not need to adjust the left and right RCA outputs.

By Bicycle Bob on January 9, 2015


found this helpful.

Everything NVX is quality.

I'm a big fan of NVX products now. I owned this so I didn't have to change the stock hi in my scion tc. I eventually uprgades but this allowed me to have a subwoofer while my headunit had no RCAs. Clean and worked well.

By Ryan on January 19, 2014


found this helpful.


its a great product works awsome loudest bass ive ever had

By omar on December 6, 2013


found this helpful.


This small device is easy to install. I like the idea of changing the input on the device so that the is much better.

By Ric on April 10, 2014


found this helpful.

Awesome product

i installed this into my 2010 hyundai genesis coupe. i was originally using a scosche line converter that didn't have auto amp turn on triggering. once i installed this product i instantly heard better sound quality and it was a lot louder. The trigger turn on works amazing. i would recommend this to anyone wanting to install after market amps without replacing the stock head unit.

By basslover201 on September 17, 2013


found this helpful.

Simple, cheap, effective

I bought a new 2013 Sonata SE in October and was not happy at all with the factory system, mainly because at 70mph on the freeway I couldn't hear the stereo very good even at max volume. Wanted to keep the stock look and features, so I opted to add a 4 channel amp.

I chose the NVX 2 channel line out converter after a Sonic rep recommended it for my situation. I used it to tap into the front speaker wiring behind the head unit, then connected the NVX LOC2 to a HiFonics 4 band EQ that I mounted in my center console storage under the armrest. I ran 4 channels out from that to an MTX Thunder amp that I've had for almost 10 years now and installed new Alpine components in the front doors and Infinity coaxials in the rear doors.

System sounds incredible and I'm glad because I had never used a line out converter before and was concerned about the sound quality potentially suffering. Can't say for sure that a new head unit wouldn't sound even better, but I can say that I am completely satisfied with the sound I'm getting with everything running through the NVX XPLOC2. It also gives you a remote line out to make adding an EQ or amp a breeze. Would definitely recommend.

By Erick on December 18, 2012


found this helpful.

Only LOC I will use

Best value and easy to use. The gain adjustment and amp remote are features you need.

By Jason on April 18, 2014


found this helpful.

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• 2-Channel Premium Adjustable Line Output Converter
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