Escort Passport 9500ci

Radar and Laser Detector / Shifter w/ GPS Module and Amplified Speaker for Audible Voice Alerts


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Escort Passport 9500Ci with Laser ShifterPro sensors

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The Ultimate Protection

We've all driven a little faster than we should have at one point or another. Some of us drive a little faster than we should more often than others so a lower end radar detector just isn't going to cut it. False alarms or warnings that come on too late are going to lead to expensive tickets and worse than that, you've invested in a product that doesn't work as well as it should. Isn't it time you stepped up to something better that's guaranteed to work all the time, every time? Then it's time to check out the Escort 9500ci. The ultimate in vehicle protection.

Discreet Installation

The all new PASSPORT 9500ci provides the ultimate in discreet operation. All sensors are mounted in the front grill and rear license plate area of your vehicle. Interior control module and display are separated for multiple installation options. The result is no messy cords or unwanted attention.

Breakthrough Radar Protection

PASSPORT's twin antenna design sets a new standard for long range protection. This patented design is completely undetectable, making it the perfect choice for those who like to run unnoticed. All North American radar bands are covered, including "POP" radar.

Laser Protection Like No Other

The all new "Shifters" provide 360° protection, including the latest "double pulse" laser guns. Multiple sensors positioned front and rear can be programmed to "Shift" for maximum protection.

Adaptive Signal Processing

All new Adaptive Signal Processing system uses GPS technology to automatically "learn" each radar band by exact location and frequency and determine if it's a real threat or not. This data is then updated in real time during your drive, and provides the most accurate alert system on the market.

Crystal Clear Voice Alerts

PASSPORT's unique voice alerts provide clear communications for alerts and menus options.

Safety Camera Data

PASSPORT comes preloaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and fixed position speed cameras located throughout North America. Updates will also be available through the Escort website and you can even set your own hot spots by using the "Mark Location" feature. Once marked, the 9500ci will provide a unique alert so you're never caught off guard.

Variable Speed Radar Performance

The 9500ci's AutoSensitivity mode varies radar sensitivity based on your vehicles speed. The result is radar performance when you need it most.

High-Resolution Display

The miniature display provides a plethora of installation options, including an included in-dash bezel for a factory installed look. Easy-to-read alerts and access to user preferences are clearly visible at a glance.

User Selectable Preferences

Once installed, the 9500ci is ready to use. However, you can also customize it for your unique driving preferences.

Brightness Control

PASSPORT offers 5-levels of display brightness, including Full Dark mode for discreet night driving.

Safety Warning System

Over 60 specific safety messages warn of road hazards in the area using SWS technology.

What's In The Box?
  • 1x Controller Module
  • 1x Display Module
  • 1x Interface Module
  • 1x GPS Module
  • 1x Front Radar Receiver
  • 2x Front Laser Receivers/Shifters
  • 1x Rear Laser Receivers/Shifters
  • 1x Amplified Speaker
  • 1x Display Bezel
  • 1x Bi-color LED
  • 1x Download Cable
  • 1x All Necessary Mounting Hardware
  • 1x Owner's/Installation Guide

9500CI Features:

  • Will soon work with OEM dashboards, displaying the radar detector warnings on the instrument cluster screen. (The NAV-TV interface is expected to be available mid 2016)
  • All Band Radar/Laser Detector and Shifter
  • 280 LED alphanumeric Display
  • Three display modes for your viewing preference
    • Bar Graph mode displays the band of the signal received and a bar graph showing the relative signal strength
    • ExpertMeter™ will simultaneously track multiple radar signals, including relative signal strength for each
    • Spec Display™ will display the actual numeric frequency of the radar signal received
  • Patented technologies to minimize false alarms
    • TotalShield™ Technology prevents RF signals from radiating from the 9500ci
    • Instead of shifting RF signals to another frequency, this design keeps you completely unseen by radar detector-detectors
    • Truelock Technology uses the exact position and actual frequency of a signal to eliminate it as a false alarm
    • If the same signal is detected in the same location three times, the signal will be automatically locked out as a false signal. Or, you may choose to manually lock out a location
    • GPS Mode for the most accurate speed detection to shift lasers more effectively and minimize false alerts based on geographic locations
  • 5 levels of display brightness including a Full Dark mode for discreet night driving
  • Crystal Clear audible alerts provide a verbal identification of alerts and menu options
  • AutoMute will alert you at the volume you have selected for the unit but will reduce its volume to keep you informed without having the loud continuous alert on the whole time
  • 3 selectable sensitivity controls
    • Highway mode
    • Auto
    • Auto NoX
  • Protection against POP radar and laser recognition
  • Front and rear sensor provide 360° protection
  • Undetectable by Spectre 1 and VG-2 radars
  • Mark location feature allows to mark specific locations with Speed Trap, Speed Camera, Redlight Camera, or "Other" labels for a personalized notification system for your geographic area
  • Add the SmartCord Live (iPhone) or the SmartCord Live (Android) for real time updates via Bluetooth between other Escort and Beltronics users on the road

Operating Frequencies:

    • X band (10.525 GHz- 25 MHz)
    • K band (24.150 GHz - 100 MHz)
    • Ka band (34.700 GHz - 1300 MHz GHz)
    • Laser (904 nm, 33 nm)

  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty


Laser Jammers and Radar Jammers are illegal in the states of Nebraska, Minnesota, Utah, California, Oklahoma, Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, Washington DC or any U.S Military Base. Sonic Electronix, Inc. does not endorse or support illegal usage of radar/laser jammers. Furthermore, users of radar or laser jammers in prohibited states may face penalties of the law; excluding Sonic Electronix, Inc. from any liability.

Product History:

Escort 0100020-3 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Escort 9500CI thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Escort Passport 9500Ci with Laser ShifterPro sensors)

Product Features

Number of Modes
This number indicates how many modes the radar detector can be set at. Most detectors will include a city and highway mode. More advanced radar/laser detectors will offer more modes to suit your needs.
Dark Mode
Dark mode is a brightness option. Unless there is an alert, the unit will be completely dark.
Voice Alerts
The feature designates if the unit uses voice alerts. Voice alerts will audibly alert the driver of various warnings.
Auto Mute
The auto mute function will conveniently mute the alert tone when the alert lasts for an extended period of time. This is for the drivers convenience during extended encounters.
Auto Shut Off
A convenient feature that turns off the unit when the ignition is turned off.

Product Specifications

Radar Display
The type of display that the radar detector has.

LED Displays: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know through a bright LED display.

LED Icon Indicators: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know by illuminating icons and symbols.

Text Display: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know by illuminating text on the display.

LED Display
Signal Strength Meter
This feature means that the unit displays that strength of the received signal.
Brightness Control
If the brightness of the unit can be conveniently adjusted and controlled, it will be listed here.
Turn-on/off Select Bands
Many radar detectors can detect many different bands of signal. This feature designates if the user can select what bands he or she has on or off.
Unit Mounting
Different radar detector are attached to the vehicle in different ways. The most common is for it to be suction-cupped to the windshield. This allows the unit to be moved from one vehicle to another with ease. Another mounting option is called remote-mounting. A remote mount unit is directly installed into your vehicle.

Other ways to mount your radar detector include Velcro and adhesive.

Suction cups
Power Source
The power source is the method in which the unit receives power. Some units will be powered by batteries, while others will need to be plugged in to an AC or DC power source.
Integrated 12V DC
Direct Power Accessory
If there is an optional accessory to the unit that will provide power, it will be listed here.
Travel Case Included
If a protective travel case is included, it will be listed here.


Number of Detected Bands
This number indicates the number of bands the radar/laser detector protects against. The term band includes different radars, lasers, and safety signals, among others. The higher the number, the greater the protection.
X Band
X Band is a frequency used for detecting speed from a police radar.
K Band
K Band is the most popular radar frequency band that is used today. It is able to detect speeds from a stand still location, or from a moving vehicle
Ka Band
Ka Band operates within the frequencies 26.5-40 GHz. This is the newest introduced radar band and it is becoming more and more popular. It rarely has a false alert.
This feature specifies if the unit will detect lasers.
VG-2 Immunity
The VG-2 detects radar detectors. Radar detectors with VG-2 immunity will be immune to the VG-2 radar and alert the driver when they are under such surveillance.
Pop Alert
Some radar guns operate in a POP mode so they can get a speed reading of a target vehicle extremely fast, resulting in most radar detectors not being able to consistently signal an alert. There are very few radar guns in service in the U.S. capable of POP mode operation. If your radar detector is Pop Alert capable, you may notice an increase in Ka-band false alerts when POP mode radar detection is switched on.

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1 year
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1 year
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this works

January 22, 2014

i got one it works worth eva penny i know where all the cops are before they see me

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Product Name: Escort Passport 9500ci

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Escort Passport 9500ci

Radar and Laser Detector / Shifter w/ GPS Module and Amplified Speaker for Audible Voice Alerts


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