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    Information about Car Radar Detectors: Stay aware of when your speed is being monitored with quality radar/laser detectors. Also browse our selection of radar/laser jammers and accessories such as mounts and cables for your radar detector! Radar detectors detect radar guns whether you're on the highway, city streets or on country back roads. These devices enable you to expect the unexpected because they set off an alert when you are being clocked by a radar gun. The alert is a digital voice or beep, depending on the model. Once you are alerted that your speed is being monitored, all you have to do is slow down to avoid a speeding ticket. Radar detectors use laser sensors to pickup radar gun signals. One laser sensor models can only detect radar guns that are pointed directly at their front sensor. Models with 360-degree laser sensors are superior to one laser models, because the 360-degree laser detection catches radar guns from all angles. Radar detectors are usually mounted on the windshield using suction cups, which makes it easy to transfer them from vehicle to vehicle. Mounting it on the windshield gives it an optimal detection range. Another option is the remote-mount detector, which is directly installed into your vehicle. The best radar systems have high sensitivity ratings and a wide range. A wide range means that they can pickup police radar detectors from far away, while a high sensitivity means that they rarely trigger false alarms. Another thing to consider is whether your radar detector is undetectable by radar detector detectors. The advanced technology of Spectre and VG-2 helps guard against radar detector detectors. Our selection of radar detectors will help prevent you from racking up speeding tickets. Besides avoiding fines, these handy devices help avoid the nerve-racking experience of getting pulled over, making court appearances, attending driving school classes, and paying higher insurance rates. In the U.S., it is legal to use radar detectors to alert you of the upcoming presence of traffic enforcement officers in every state except Virginia and Washington D.C. (non-commercial vehicles only).

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