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For the ultimate blend of power and performance, SKAR Audio is the obvious choice. We carry the full range of SKAR subwoofers to quench your thirst for bass.
Quality speakers are an invaluable component of every car audio system. Click here to browse the entire SKAR Audio speaker line-up!
Great subs and speakers need clean, reliable power. Look no further than SKAR Audio to kick your system into the next gear.
Quality gear needs quality accessories. Get the wiring, amp kits and accessories you need to install some of the meanest subs and amps on the planet.

SKAR Audio Information

SKAR Audio is one of the most exciting new car audio brands to emerge over the last few decades, making waves in the industry with their line of car subwoofers ranging from the entry-level to the downright bad***. While not yet a household name, SKAR has nevertheless quickly established themselves as a company with a tremendous passion for high quality car audio gear. The guys at SKAR Audio are bassheads just like us, and product lines like the ZVX subwoofers represent the best of what SPL has to offer. However, the complete SKAR Audio product offering features many great products such as the IVX subwoofers which are sure to satisfy both first-time buyers and experienced audio junkies alike. To complement their subwoofers, SKAR manufactures several lines of car amplifiers which deliver clean, reliable output to drive your components. To complete the system, be sure to pick up a set of SKAR Audio car speakers which are designed to deliver crystal clear sound even at the highest volumes. These speakers are available in a complete selection of sizes to ensure the best fit for your vehicle. So what are you waiting for? It's time to seize the bass with SKAR Audio!
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