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As an Authorized Dealer, Sonic Electronix has an exclusive and direct relationship with Bassforms. We offer custom Bassforms boxes at unmatched prices with full warranty coverage.

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Additional Bassforms Information:

Bassforms are specially designed fiberglass enclosures. Do you want a durable box for your subs? These boxes carry a lifetime warranty. Not only are they durable, but they have a classy and luxurious look that will complement your vehicle's interior. These boxes also have a high level of functionality, as they are known to maximize bass output.

Fiberglass boxes are less bulky than other types of enclosures. They weigh less and are smaller in volume. As such, they take up a minimum amount of space in your vehicle. In fact, you can maximize your available space by ordering a box to be built according to your vehicle’s physical specifications. On top of that, their customizable design allows you to maintain your vehicle’s factory look while upgrading your sound system.

Bassforms’ fiberglass enclosures reproduce phenomenal sound quality. They are designed to eliminate standing wave distortion for optimal performance. These boxes are engineered with resin reinforcement to enhance their structural strength. Though they are the lightest boxes on the market, they are also the strongest, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Order a removable Bassforms box today to enjoy terrific bass response and minimal standing wave distortion. Feel free to view our entire Bassforms catalog, and thank you for choosing Sonic Electronix! If you need a Bassforms product that we do not have listed, please let us know! We'll do our best to special order it for you!