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Tsunami Car Audio

Tsunami Car Stereo Installation & Accessories
Make your car stereo installation easy with the proper Tsunami accessories!
Tsunami Car Amplifier Installation & Accessories
Tsunami amplifier kits, terminals, fuse holders and more are the perfect solution for your amplifier installation!
Tsunami Car Subwoofer Installation & Accessories
Get the most out of your subwoofer Tsunami installation accessories, and keep your sub protected with a Tsunami grille!
Tsunami Car A/V Cables & Wires
A system is only as strong as its weakest link – connect your gear with Tsunami A/V cables and wires for a quality connection!
Tsunami Capacitors
A Tsunami capacitor is a great way to stabilize your voltage and ease electrical strain such as dimming headlights!
Tsunami Big 3 Upgrade Kits
Custom Big 3 Upgrade Kits from Sonic Electronix use genuine Tsunami wire to improve the flow of current under your hood!
Tsunami Adapters, Connectors, and Wire Terminals
Save yourself the hassle and frustration of poor connections with Tsunami adapters, connectors, and wire terminals!

Tsunami Car Audio Information

A relative newcomer in the world of car audio, Tsunami has nonetheless become a staple of consumers and installation professionals worldwide as a subsidiary of manufacturing giant Metra. Based in Holly Hill, Florida, Tsunami specializes in mobile installation accessories, including power products such as wire/cable, capacitors, fuse holders and distribution blocks. They also carry a complete line of signal accessories, including RCA's and speaker wire. We carry the full line of Tsunami accessories for consumers such as pre-packaged amplifier installation kits, as well as parts for professional installers including full spools of power wire and bulk terminals. Get the best sound waves with Tsunami installation accessories!

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Tsunami Car Audio, Video & GPS

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6" X20 Series Advance Audio RCA Interconnect Y-Adapter Cable with Color-Coded Barrels

• 6" X20 Series Advance Audio RCA Y-Adapter Cable
• Molded Mini-Profile Plug
• Cat-5 Twisted-Pair Technology
• Low Capacitance Dielectrics
• Nickel-Plated Split Tips
• Super-Flex Jackets
• Stylish High-Tech Barrels



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