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Beltronics Information

Beltronics Radar has been an industry leader for mobile radar and laser detection ever since the company’s creation in 1967. They are the designer, engineer, and manufacturer of reliable radar detectors that bring convenience and safety into the car. Each product is proudly marked with the Beltronics logo, proving that it is the result of years of research and development, as well as strict quality controls. Over the years, Beltronics has won many awards for their outstanding products. From CES Innovation Awards to Best in Class awards, Beltronics is consistently pushes the envelope in terms of radar detection technology. For complete confidence in your next radar/laser detector, make sure it is branded with Beltronics.

Our selection of Beltronics radar detectors will help prevent you from racking up speeding tickets. Besides avoiding fines, these handy devices help avoid the nerve-racking experience of getting pulled over, making court appearances, attending driving school classes, and paying for higher insurance rates. In the U.S., it is legal to use radar detectors to alert you of the upcoming presence of traffic enforcement officers in every state except Virginia and Washington D.C. (non-commercial vehicles only).

Beltronics radar systems are the cream of the crop because they have tremendous radar sensitivity and range. These devices detect radar guns whether you’re on the highway, city streets or on country back roads. They rarely trigger false alarms and most of their products are undetectable by radar detector detectors. Beltronics radar detectors help you to expect the unexpected, and all you have to do is slow down once you are alerted that your speed is being monitored.

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