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beyerdynamic In-Ear Headphones
Listen to your favorite music with convenience through these high quality ear buds. Portable, durable and lightweight, these beyerdynamic in-ear headphones will provide your ears with a soothing sound that you will fall in love with.
If comfort is your solution, beyerdynamic offers on-ear headphones that will leave you in awe. These high-end cans are built for music enthusiasts who don’t like the bulk of a full sized set of over-ears. These headphones are built for quality and comfort.
When you just want to buckle down and listen to some good music, beyerdynamic over-ear headphones will more than satisfy your ears. These audiophile grade headphones offer immaculate precision and overwhelming power in lightweight, portable designs.
beyerdynamic Headphone Amplifiers
It’s time to get amped. These high quality headphone amplifiers by beyerdynamic offer a music signal that is superior to the rest, and will bring out the life in any headphones or ear buds. If quality is you’re expectation, you won’t be let down.
If worn out parts have got you down, rejoice! beyerdynamic has replaceable cushions and ear bud tips for many products. When it’s time for a headphone tune up, these accessories will make your product feel like new.
Step up your game and hear the enemy before they hear you with these beyerdynamic gaming headsets. It’s time you escape into your game the right way. These headsets offer maximum comfort for hours and hours of play time.

beyerdynamic Information

If you’ve got a taste for high-end audio gear that’s built with quality parts, you are right at home with beyerdynamic. Back in the 1924, Eugene Beyer saw that the movie industry presented a new opportunity in audio reproduction, and he wanted to meet that need. He developed loudspeakers for film companies, and formed the company beyerdynamic. By the end of the 1930’s, Beyer had developed a strong interest in headphones and created the first revolutionary dynamic headphone. In 1962, the company released their first wireless microphone, which The Beatles used while touring the world. This led to beyerdynamic creating its North American subsidiary by the end of the decade. Popular music artists such as Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and Abba all sing into microphones from beyerdynamic.

The latest inventions from the company include high-end aviation headsets, individually manufactured headphones for iPod fans and of course high fidelity headphones with novel Tesla Technology. beyerdynamic has decades of experience under their belt producing quality equipment for the consumer industry. If you’ve tried the rest, it’s time you get the best.

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