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Lock Pick Factory System Adapters
These adapters make it easy to expand the capabilities of your Lock Pick OEM override kit! Click here to find the right adapter for your application!
Lock Pick OEM Override Kits and Harnesses
Lock Pick override kits are the ultimate solution to unlock the hidden features of your factory stereo! Our wide selection is sure to include the kit for you!

Lock Pick Information

For many vehicles with premium factory radios, particularly luxury cars, it can be nerve-wracking to consider ripping out the complex and integrated OEM stereo system. However, these systems are often limited to select expandability features and expensive factory add-ons. Parent company Coastal Tech developed the Lock Pick brand specifically to give the consumer the option to enjoy all the features of an aftermarket stereo while preserving the look and functionality of the OEM radio.

Just as a pick will unlock a door or safe, Lock Pick factory override interface kits will unlock a host of features on your factory radio which were previously hidden. For most vehicle makes, the premium factory stereo is capable of far more than is let on in the owner's manual. With a Lock Pick interface such as the acclaimed MyGig system, cars with in-dash LCD screens can be outfitted with a reverse backup camera, auxiliary inputs can be added, and countless other settings, adjustments and features are unlocked.

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