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German Maestro Headphones

German Maestro studio series headphones
German Maestro Studio and DJ headphones provide professional audio playback, durable construction, and comfortable ear pads.
Experience music like never before! Get incredible audio quality with extreme comfort.
Now you can take the German Maestro sound with you on the go! These headphones are designed for traveling, while still retaining the quality that German Maestro is known for.

German Maestro Studio Series Headphones

GMP 400 GMP 450 Pro GMP 8.35 D GMP 8.300 D
German Maestro GMP 400 German Maestro GMP 450 Pro German Maestro GMP 8.35 D German Maestro GMP 8.300 D
300 ohm Acoustically Open Headphones for Audiophiles and Studio Professionals. 300 ohm Professional Headphones for Studio Use and Music Production. 35 ohm Monitor Headphones for Heavy Long-Term Studio Use. 300 ohm Pro Headphones for DJs and other Professional Applications.

German Maestro Live Series Headphones

GMP 435S GMP 250 GMP 240 GMP 160
German Maestro GMP 435S German Maestro GMP 250 German Maestro GMP 400 German Maestro GMP 400
35 ohm, High-Performance Headphones, Efficient, Impressive Bass and Well Balanced. 100 ohm Stereo Headphones with Dynamic Bass Response and Detailed Reproduction for Musicians. Acoustically Open 100 ohm Stereo Headphones with Brilliant Sound Reproduction. 40 ohm High-Quality Stereo Headphones for Portable Audio and Video.

German Maestro InfoPoint Series Headphones

GMH C 8.40 S      
German Maestro GMP 400      
Industrial Headset with Microphone for Intercoms, PC Gaming, and Xbox 360.      

German Maestro Headphones Information

German Maestro is founded on legendary German audio engineering. With hundreds of years of experience and a proud reputation to live up to, the audio engineers at German Maestro work hard to create the highest quality of audio components. To keep the quality control at a premium, each product manufactured is handcrafted in the renowned Obrigheim factory located in Germany. It is here that they make their car and home speaker systems along with their professional headphones. With passionate audio enthusiasts behind the creation of each and every product, they deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction with each and every product.
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