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    Grado Headphones
    From casual listening to professional studio use, Grado Labs has the perfect on-ear headphone for you! Browse Grado headphones here.
    Take true audiophile sound with you on the road with these portable Grado earbuds. Each is lightweight, compact, and portable.
    Enhance the audio output of your headphones with these headphone amplifiers and hear your Grado headphones come to life.
    Grado Headphone Cushions
    Listen in comfort with Grado headphone cushions. Made for Grado headphones, these cushions are a perfect replacement or upgrade.
    If you need an adapter cable to connect your Grado headphones to your equipment, you will find exactly what you need right here.
    The products that started the legacy. These Grado cartridges and styli bring incredible audiophile sound to your vinyl turntable.

    Grado Information

    For over 50 years, Grado has made a profound impact on the audio industry. Starting in 1953 by making cartridges on a kitchen table, Joseph Grado officially started his company. A few years later in 1955, the Grado Laboratories factory was built in Brooklyn. Over the next 55+ years, Grado has become one of the oldest family owned companies in the audio industry.

    Today, Grado has grown into one of the more premier audiophile manufacturers. Experts across the world recognize the Grado Labs name as one associated with quality, precision craftsmanship, and reference standard equipment. They offer a large selection of headphones, ear buds, amplifiers, and cartridges. Their headphones have been awarded countless awards over the years. Some of these prestigious awards include worldwide recognition as "Best in their price", "Best value", and "Best buy". Sonic Electronix is proud to be an authorized dealer of this highly esteemed company. For those looking for the finest, best-in-class performance, Grado Labs has the ideal solution.