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Renegade Car Audio

Renegade Car Amplifiers
Upgrade to a Renegade car amplifier and experience rock solid durability and performance. Here you will find our selection of these German amplifiers.
High-end sound with a valued price is what you will find with Renegade car speakers. Browse our selection and you will find the speakers for your car.
Add some powerful bass to your car with one of these Renegade car subwoofers. They are available in 10” and 12”, as well as preloaded in a subwoofer enclosure.
Renegade Enclosed Subwoofer Systems
Get the bass that Renegade wants you to hear with a preloaded subwoofer system. These loaded enclosures are built to the spec of the subwoofer inside.
Supplement your car’s electrical system with a Renegade capacitor. You will experience better performance from your subwoofer with less stress on your car.
Install your new amplifier properly with an amplifier installation kit from Renegade. These kits include everything you need connect and power a car amplifier.

Renegade Car Audio Information

Based in Germany, Renegade is a company that manufacturers quality car audio components and has been for a number of years. In fact, Renegade has spent the past 10 years establishing themselves as Germany’s number one selling car amplifier company. In a country where quality is key and perfection is the only goal to strive for, becoming the leading amplifier brand is a notable accomplishment. Renegade offers a complete car audio line of equipment that is an exceptional value for the power. The rock solid quality control at Renegade contributes to the extremely low return rate. In fact, the amplifiers are so reliable that returns are practically non-existent.

Renegade offers a full line of car amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, amplifier installation kits, and more. The next time you upgrade your car’s audio system, put your trust in German manufacturing with Renegade car audio.

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